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by kbbpll

Have you said whether you've tried a longer rear cable loop? Mentioned by @mises above.
The late 2009 spacer change was between cog 6 and 7 - 2.2mm to 2.3mm. I ran into this because I discovered this spacer was crushed/broken on my cassette. LBS warranteed it and said that Campy told them to do 15 nm on the lockring, not the 40 nm stamped on the lockring. I can't vouch for this second-hand info, but I wonder if you use a torque wrench on the lockring and do the full 40 nm, can it be so tight as to affect the spacing? I have no idea, just thinking out loud...

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by bmxbandit

A further update from today's tinkering......

Tried an r-sys wheel with campy 12 up cassette and got it working pretty much spot on, then tried both the zipp wheel with said 12 up cassette and the r-sys with the problematic 11 up, neither worked flawlessly but were certainly an improvement. Leads me to think this issue is very much a product of freehub spacing (relative to the outside face of the hanger) along with cassette selection.

Though I don't think that tells the whole story as we have had this kind of set up working on other bikes without fault. It seems a combination of factors lead to a particularly sensitive set up in this case. This has certainly been an interesting experience for me as a mechanic and has sadly soured my view of campy somewhat :(

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