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by moman

There has been so many different frame types its hard to keep track, obviously some work and some don't. But then frames that look like they shouldn't ever work lead on to crucial developments, like the e-stay becoming full suspension. Those round ovally bmxs in the 90s must have lent a hand to the new CF rounded look.
So with a few beers in us and the clock telling lies we came up with this
Incorporating the e-stay with a take on the 'GT 3xtriangle' design with a straight fork and a short wheelbase.
Please excuse the crudeness of the drawing, nothing is to scale.
The idea is the rear can take a bounce, while the front end and wheelbase "would" make it nippy.
I have no clue about geometry on frames or even which tubes can be fiddled with to a degree but with steel anything is possible right? I mean we have square bikes, bikes with no centretube, with wiggly stays and single sided forks so I know it could be built but would there be any advantage or is this some drunken artwork we should never speak of again.
Any other 'whack' designs?
I have a few chopper ideas too out of e-stays and mixtes.

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by jekyll man

Osym wheels- now there's a novelty (or not ) ;-)

As far as i can see with your drawing is that you'd suffer massive amounts of BB flex and chains dropping off as the chainline would alter all the time. Having ridden E stays , i'd say the world is better off without them.

The GT triple triangle was a gimmick to distinguish their frames from others, and did nothing for the performance (other than perhaps hinder it, in the days when you were forced to use canti or roller cam brakes). GT admitted as much. Same goes for the Iron Horse version, and all the others from "back in the day"...Hetchins... Bates Flying Gate etc...

Steering looks as though you might have the response time of an oil tanker there. Not to mention toe overlap.

Like most things, the bike frame and its design are a compromise of sorts. They have to perform at many different levels, so the point where they do most things okay, leaves only a small window to play with, or they become great at one thing, but shockingly bad at others.
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