Bora one 50mm clincher - weight rating ?

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by 432r

Any experience with the new wider bora full carbon clincher (50mm)?
Basically how does that spoke pattern go (stiffness wise) for heavier riders around the 85-90kg size?
I know little of the bora wheels so thought I would ask, he is otherwise looking at Zipp 404 carbon clincher (2014 with 24 spoke rear).

Being heavier wasn't sure if he should choose something else

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by morrisond

I'm north of that weight by a bit riding new Bora 50mm Tubs which aren't as stiff as the Clinchers - You won't have a problem at all.

The spoking pattern is actually quite strong. Stiffness is more than adequate as well.

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by steventran

Why aren't the tubs as stiff as the clinchers?

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by Calnago

I have the 50's and 35's tubular and weigh more than you. It'll be a non issue. The Bora wheels are incredibly strong. There's no way I'd ride a normally laced 21 spoke wheel in the rear but whatever Campy does with the whole wheel system, they've done it right. Been riding the G3 pattern since early Eurus (with the steel spokes) and haven't had a single problem.
No idea what @Morrisond is saying about the tubulars not being as stiff as the clinchers. Perhaps he's referring to the "feel" of tubulars as opposed to any reference to actual stiffness or strength between the wheels themselves.
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