I wondering cosmic pro carbon exalith and zipp 303.

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by 998nox

I wondering

cosmic pro carbon exalith vs zipp 303.

which is better?

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by McGilli

Just taking a guess here but I think Joe, Larry, Mike, Sheila and Claude will all say the Zipps are the best, and Sam, Jim, Danny, Mark and John will all say the Cosmic are the best. Then Samuel, Terry, Donovan, Theresa and Peter will all say it depends on what feels better to each rider.

Personally I have no experience with those Mavic wheels - but I consider the 303 my 'bomb proof' wheel - it's been through hell and has never ever failed me in any way, gets superb braking, sounds like a jet engine revving down when brakes are applied and using 23mm tires it's got a great tire profile and soft ride without going 25mm.
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by JamesGRC

Not sure if this is correct but aren't exailth rims aluminium wit a special treatment? My friend has 303s and says they're great with the serrated braking surface- almost like alu. If they're the same cosmics I'm thinking off then another friend complains that water gets in the carbon fairing sometimes and makes a bubbling noise. To my knowledge the 303s are lighter than the cosmics but shallower and more expensive. If it was me I'd go with 303s mostly due to zipp's reputation of making great wheels!

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by 998nox

Your answer is a big helpful to choice.
I will choice a zipp 303.

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by wingguy

As James said the Exaliths are an aluminum wheels with a brake track coating and a non-structural fairing. The Zipps are a far better wheel but then they should be, as they're much more expensive.

Did you mean to compare them with the Cosmic Pro Carbon SL, which is Mavic's full carbon 40mm wheelset? That would be a like for like choice...

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