So I endend Ordering a Ciamillo V3 Crank, so Now what rings?

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by elfuinha


So i decide to go compact on my Moots Vamoots RSL, and to replace my Cannondale SL + Spydering 53/39
i close the the deal with Ted Ciamillo, and bought a V3 with a 110mm Crank Spider all matte black. (That should arraive in 4 weeks)

So now what chainrings? I'm running Super Record 11 and Both the MKV chainrings and spidering, been working great:

So my shortlist are:

1 - Praxis Clover 50/34 - read alot of good reviews, both 10/11 speeds - "shift quality and great stifness" - Looks are more or less. (see the pic below)
2 - Carbon-Ti Ca / Al EVO TI 50/34 - I Have them on my mountain bike in 42/27 and They work great with XX. do not know at Road. The price is really high, stifness and shifting on the Road are unknow to me, they look really great.
3 - KCNC K3 Cobweb 50/34 - I havent read nothing on this Chainrings besides the looks, so stiffness and shift Hing Quality are?
4 -Last but not least - Stronglight Ct2 50/34 - shift's great. Stifness ???, looks ok.

i would like to ear some of your feedback on this products, if you have them, i've a 1 month to decide.


weight are no priority here.

Best Regards

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by soonerrebel

I haven't tried the other chainrings but I can recommended the Praxis rings. Ran the compact rings on Cannondale SI cranks with SR11. The rings worked perfectly with no front derailleur issues. The understated graphics are a plus also. I recently removed the compact setup, 50/34 Clover (compact gearing just didn't work out for my riding style), and replaced with a 53/39 Praxis setup. I plan on selling the compact rings.
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by Weenie

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by jdp211

I've been running stronglight rings with record 11 (standard, not compact). They're the best shifting rings I've tried and I've got no stiffness issues.

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by kbike00

Praxis rings shift awesome, but they are not the lightest.

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by Leviathan

elfuinha wrote:weight are no priority here.


"GET THEE TO A NUNNERY"- Weight is always a priority...
JOking aside the stonglights do the job, shift well but Ive never seen a stronglight vs Praxis shootout.
KCNC Ive a suspicion, after their cranks I had, that they tend to ship the product out and do the R&D on your bike...
Great for seatclamps, bolts and other annodized pimpery but I personally wouldn't trust them with anything critical again...

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by elfuinha

Abou Carbon-ti, any one on these?????

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by carbonLORD

I'll be running S-WORKS Team on mine.

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by RyanH

With SRAM Red 2010 shifters and a Dura Ace 7900 FD, I had a lot of trouble getting the front shifting perfect with the CT2 rings. Now that I'm on the new Red Quarq with the new 2012 rings, I haven't dropped a single chain.

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by elfuinha

i'm thinking of going with Carbon-ti Evo 52/36, since i can get them with a good price.

total weight of chain rings - 103g

total weight of the crank inc. Sram Ceramic PFBB30- "expected" - 596g, lets seen still 2,5 weeks waiting.

Best Regards

by Weenie

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