Is lighter/better bike really FASTER?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by szymonef

I ride pretty standard alu Merida road bike 2007. Mostly Ultegra, partly 105. 2008 Aksium wheels. Total weight about 8.7 kg.
As an amateur I'm pretty good cyclist - especially on climbs I ride quite well and can win amateur races, maybe because I weigh 62 kg.
To the point: I know that carbon frame will probably feel "different", lighter wheels will feel faster and more responsive BUT - will these actually make me faster? I would really appreciate posts of members who have changed bikes from mid-class bikes to 7 kg carbons. Is it worth it or my bike will be just prettier?

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by sedluk

Newton's law of Universal Gravitation "The Principia", first published on 5 July 1687

I still here guys say things like, it makes a difference if the bike is lighter until the bike weighs 15 lbs. After that it no longer makes a difference when climbing a hill. Obviously it was hard to argue this before 1687, then Newton's enlightened the world.

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