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by djconnel

Here's an article on available MIPS helmets.

Scott Lin seems the best road choice @ present.


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by LouisN

POC IS fashion (in the downhill ski world at least). I like the helmet :)

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by hornedfrog

Some more details and views of the octal...
Pretty excited about this helmet

http://www.roadbikeaction.com/Features/ ... thing.html

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by AaronKellogg

Definitely thought this was a rant about a P.O.C. (Piece of crap) helmet. That being said I don't really thinking can get behind these things. They look way too much like a skate helmet. Meh.

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by dvincere

If the new POC line has MIPS I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. I sort of like the looks and I'd take 50 grams for the concussion protection any day. That's the real danger in most cycling accidents anyways.

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by headwind816

I am digging this helmet. I am a dedicated commuter who consistently put 50+ miles per day (M-F) on medium-to-high traffic roads. I have been hit multiple times, and I have a dedicated weather detector (right wrist). I feel fortunate that I have not sustained a concussion to date. I would also be interested in the ICEdot. The upfront fee and subsequent subscription fee is a small price to pay.

The claimed weight of 198 grams is surprising to me, but yet again, technology never ceases to amaze me. I wonder if the final weight will be beefed up due to American standards (whether correct or not is open to debate for another thread).

In short, this helmet may be my next commuting helmet. Why only commuting and not race? I have no response currently; only time will tell.

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by Stolichnaya

Check who's rocking an Octal here:


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by NWSAlpine

I would get one if they add MIPS and a snap on rain cover like my Lazer

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by jimh

Hope the fit is better than the their snow helmets. I really wanted to get one but found the fit very uncomfortable. Had the sales person telling me that the fit is like a sports car seat, saying "it was a performance fit and I'd get used to it"

They fit a round shaped head from what I can gather assuming they a modelled round the similar shaped head.

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by thasle

I have tried the 2014 POC line, helmets and clothes. Great stuff. They aim straight for the top market, and the clothing looks really nice.
High visibility is certainly important for POC. I like the design, organic and sharp at the same time.

The helmet fits me very well, I usually ride a Catlike but have no problem with Giro or other popular brands. It is a bit confusing if they are offering two sizes, the one i tried was 54-60. The catalogue mention two sizes I think.

BTW: There is a color named "Garminum" on the helmets for 2014.

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by NWSAlpine

Looks like they may be sponsoring Garmin Sharp soon based on the pictures floating around and them using cervelo for the road line media launch.

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by Pharmstrong

Yep. Would Garmin really use the Tempor for TTs though?

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by cerro

Love it, cool and it's from Sweden :D
/jonas l
http://cerrol.wordpress.com (my cyclingblog)

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by HammerTime2

Another article on the POC road helmet. http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/08/19/poc-paves-the-road-to-safety-and-style-with-new-octal-avip-helmet/

Rebuttal http://www.helmets.org/bicyclingmag1305.htm by the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute to the Bicycling article linked in the quote below.
ultyguy wrote:POC has done some fantastic work in the field of concussion minimization. You can read a long article about it here...

by Weenie

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by pastronef

http://www.westbrookcycles.co.uk/helmet ... 14-p226101

oy, 225 pound sterling, that's more than 250 euro!

I wanted to buy it, but I think I'll keep my Argyle Giro Aeon if I won't find some ebay deals under 200 euro

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