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by carbon2329

I kind-of like it, but I see what you mean.

To me, is seems like two different styles of helmet in one:
-The back looks pretty cool (IMO). It has a modern edge to it.

-The front, however looks old style, but not in the good way (IMO).

I wish they tweaked the holes/vents on the front just slightly to make them more modern. (I think they would be generally received better).
Instead they are going to be a helmet folks want to make a statement with (like: "I am a coinsure" of cycling or "I am different" etc...)

What do I know :noidea: :)
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by Weenie

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by HammerTime2

SpinnerTim wrote:What the bike helmet industry needs is some kind of third-party group like the automotive Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the Snell Foundation (motorcycle helmets).
Snell Memorial Foundation does have bicycle helmet standards http://www.smf.org/stds and maintains a listing of all helmets (not that many nowadays) that have met the Snell Standards at http://www.smf.org/cert. Some years back, it along with ANSI were the predominant bicycle helmet standards in the U.S. Snell used to be one of the accepted helmet standards for use in USA Cycling races (which all require use of helmet), but as of 2010 no longer is (see http://d3epuodzu3wuis.cloudfront.net/2001%20USCF%20Rulebook%20Modified.pdf p. 165). CPSC seems to rule the roost now in the U.S.

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by SpinnerTim


Thanks for tip-off, but it really does look like either Snell or the manufacturers have relegated bike helmets to back-burner status. There's not much on that list (Specialized and an eastern brand). Notably, POC isn't on there, and I haven't seen any press from the company to suggest they are seeking Snell endorsement.

What I'd like to see is some testing regime and registry of results/certifications for bike helmets. It would be useful to have IIHS-style descriptions of how helmets performed in the tests and what kind of injuries were likely to result from each (e.g., the dummy impact descriptions that IIHS publishes with its ratings).... what happened to the occipital, temporal regions, what kind of G's were recorded, etc.

You'd think that the top helmet manufacturers would have enough invested in their product development to resent no-names and buy-a-brand decal jobs claiming the same protective capabilities just because they all clear the same low-bar of the CPSC tests.



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by djconnel

The POC website was updated after my email, tweets, and blog post. Maybe a coincidence.

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by bman11

Anyone that has tried one on... I am a giro smal, will I be a small in the Octal as well? Or should I jump up to the medium? Any assistance is appreciated. My cranium is oval in shape, size is 6 7/8 or 55cm.
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by bman11

Nobody has tried one on?
Just dig in and climb it!!!

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