Bont Vaypor + vs Specialized S-Works

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by spdntrxi

KWalker wrote:The new BOAs on the new S-Works are awesome.

yes they are 2013's are the stuff... currently using DMT's but my next show is S-Works

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by Valy

Since the thread floated up I'd update as did not want to "spam" with updates.

So... through a combination of good price and brand familiarity I got the S-Works in same size as my BG Pros. They came up a bit larger - just enough that I got pretty bad heel slip that basically ruined the shoes for me overall. I tried size 46 too but that is just a bit too small at the toes but the heel felt much, much better. I really need 46.5 which are not sold in the UK. Absolute lols. I was getting numb toes and quite bad hotspots, or more like hot areas of foot. I did get some initially with the BG Pros too but they went away as I got used to them and whatnot but they were never at the same magnitude as with the S-Works, maybe partially to do with S-Works being stiffer and a lot with the different sizing/fit.

However - they are noticeably stiffer and the lighter weight also is noticeable to quite a surprising degree. I would say a very similar feeling to (if any of you even comprehend such ghastly weights) going from a ~1900g wheelset to a stiffer one @ 1600g. I've only got maybe 400-500kms into them and tried all the insoles I had and even with two pairs of socks, but alas that heel slip makes all the really quite nice things inconsequential. I am now selling them and, "haha" will, right, I WILL this time, get Bonts! :D

I think if these shoes fit they are seriously great as I could tell even with the fit problems I had, but it is with sadness that I have to sell them. I mean just, daym - look at them: (really nice line between brash and just the right amount)


BOA system - TBH I don't think I ever looked at it as a super awesome-magical and transformative feature to have on a shoe which is a bit surprising because it is pretty cool. In practice it is nice and the small adjustments it allows are neat when riding as I think it's finer than a ratchet/more consistent (though not sure that matters in practice) that a velcro would allow for. For me the thing that makes me a bit neutral towards them, maybe even less so is that you always have to unwind it pretty much fully to get the shoe off and in most cases unhook it - while not necessary, feels less intrusive on the shoe than leaving them hooked up. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it, but I find it easier and less of a chore to just release a buckle and unstrap a couple of velcros.

Saying all that I am still debating between new and old Vaypor.... oh consumerism. :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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