Need a recommendation for bar tape

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by RyanH

If you have an aggressive position on the bike and are a heavy sweater, I'd recommend avoiding Lizard Skins. Cork is okay but the best I've used is Specialized Suede tape. It's heavy, but the suede texture ensures good contact with bare, sweaty skin.

I think it depends on people's positions, because Lizard Skins are scary as shit to be sweating and in the faux Aero position.
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by jpac

barsook77 wrote:
wassertreter wrote:
barsook77 wrote:Silva Forello Perforated Road Handlebar Tape from Italy. One of the best I've ever ridden. Great look!

Hey that could be exactly what I'm after. Really liking the feel of Fizik Performance, but am after a classic perforated white tape. Most are either unpadded and slick, or spongy plastic. Thanks for the tip!

You're welcome!

Silva Forello Perforated is very difficult to find in the states, however the UK has it in quite a few places.

Where do you buy these grips in the US? I know they're not widely available, but curious if anyone knows?

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