11-32t, 12-32t or 12-30t cassette for climbing set-up

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Climbing cassette 11-32t or 12-30t

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by plpete

KWalker wrote:
I've ridden that Grand Fondo. Get a compact. Stupid to not. Shifting will be fine. I use a 52-36 year round and have zero issues of any sort.

I ran my normal 11-25, but am strong enough to where it wasn't a big deal. I think there was one road that was super steep where a 27 would've been nice, but the other climbs aren't that hard if you're decently strong. The lowest anyone I knew ran was a 34 with an 11-28, but the 28 was only used for the one gravel climb. You aren't going to be on this climbing worrying about steps in gears since you will be at your lowest gear. And, as I said, the rest aren't too hard if you're strong.

How did you do? Do you remember your time or have Strava/Garmin connect of it? 52/36 sound like the new mid-compact option that seems to be gaining some popularity. And well strong is pretty relative and it looks like your strong is a bit different than mine :)

Next weekend I'm riding the SkyMass ride so that will be a decent test of my climbing. Rode it last time with my 53/39 Q rings and 11-28t and had no serious trouble so the 12-30t option is looking better and better. A friend of mine with whom I rode the granfodo was a better climber than myself last year and finished about 14mins ahead of me. He rode a compact with a 29t cassette. I've been dropping him on all climbs so far this year so I'm being optimistic :thumbup:

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by KWalker

Search David Walker from last year's results. My Dad and I mixed up our numbers/chips. He got my time and I got his. Hair over 7hrs and we stopped at quite a few of the rest stops for extended periods of time.

The first climb is not super steep and basically 3 groups form. The toughest climb is probably the long sustained jeep trail thing that has giant rocks everywhere- it was like mountain biking. The short steep gravel section sucks, but its not long.

Most guys I know rode it with a compact, including JB. I just think its stupid to go with a gigantic ratio cassette because there is a lot of the ride that isn't climbing and isn't steep and you will want the range in there. Also a 50-11 is a bigger gear than 53x12 if you're concerned with the 1 or 2 fast downhills.

Its a fun ride but I won't be going this year.
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by AaronKellogg

Plpete also keep in mind that you will more than likely need to lengthen your chain if you go to a WiFli RD. I would imagine using the 12-30 would be the easiest option as far as conversion and the smaller jumps between cassette rings is nice for maintaining cadence. I switched from a 11-26 to a 12-28 for a climbing event recently no it made all the difference. Those two extra teeth allowed me to move make and forth from standing to seated on the climbs allowing me to switch between muscle groups and climb much stronger.

Good luck on the Alpine Loop. I have some friends that did it last year and said it was awesome. I definitely want to try and do it in the next year or two.

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