Lightest 31.6 seat"post"

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by hornedfrog

So I was wondering what you all think would be the top 5 lightest post portion (if I were to cut off the whole saddle clamp portion, and was left with just the carbon post) of a 31.6 seatpost would be. Lets go ahead and exclude the quite expensive brands such as ax lightness, mcfk, parts of passion... Preferably, I would like to spend $250-$300 USD max. My co-worker and I have been experimenting/making carbon saddles and after refining a design I have fallen in love with, I am going to take the next step and make a saddle-seatpost combo. I weigh 154 pounds so that really shouldn't be an issue...



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by krzysiekmz

A generic carbon seatpost from the bay would be light and keep the price down. Some of them are in 130-140g range for a 31.6x350mm seatpost.

Smud carbon seatpost would be about $150. Any weight desired. Long wait time.

Other custom manufacturers are there, but they would rather do an integrated seatpost than selling just the post itself.

You could ask Berk to sell you a carbon tube or specified lenght and thickness.

What might be a problem is that a ''stock'' seatpost have two holes for the pin to go through. This is a weak point if you just want to glue a seat to the top of it. The post will likely crack/brake where the holes are drilled with no support in place.

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