Stem Slamming

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by trychle

I've found that the latter of those two is very, very comfortable. It does look odd, tough.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Depends on bike size, top tube slope, saddle height, etc...

But really, compromising fit for the sake of aesthetics is ridiculous.

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by nathanong87

SalsaLover wrote:curious to know what you guys find better ?

Non-slammed -17° stem with 2 cm spacers and classic round handlebars ( so it has real ramps )


a slammed 6° ( or even -6° ) stem with compact bars and shifter hoods pointing to the sky

well just on the 'fit' alone of those two options, option 1 will be MUCH lower than option2.

-17 and compact or -6 and classic bend would be what you'd consider if you have your fit down.

but just on aesthetics, -17 and classic would be king of dope.

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by btompkins0112

I think TT dictates.....a compact geo frame looks best with a -6 and a horizontal TT looks best with a -17.

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by eric

For comfort I prefer the bars to be level from the top to the top of the hoods. Classic bars with 'ramps' down to the hoods don't let you rest the heels of your hands on the bars and reduce the number of comfortable hand positions on the hoods. If the levers are aimed too far up the reach to the brake lever from the drops is to great and leverage on the brake lever from the hoods is reduced. It may be my motorcycling background or the fact that I do a lot of technical descents but I want my brake levers set just right.

I prefer compact bars. Set up with the drops in the same position, the tops and hoods are lower and farther out than they would be with deeper and longer bars. So one's body position when using the tops or hoods is lower.

I don't care about the stem angle. But the fewer spacers the stiffer and lighter. So a stem with no spacers and +6 is better than a stem with spacers and -17.

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