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by 5 8 5

Kayrehn wrote:I just got a new build and after I slammed my stem I had to adjust my seatpost... higher. I find that my feet extend further downwards when I'm in the drops, and sitting a little higher makes me able to straighten out my knee a little more.

Saddle fore/aft position might need adjusting too. I cut down my seatpost setback by 15mm, didn't really move it forward by that much as it used to be nearer to the front of the rails whereas now it sits nicely in the middle. Saddle tilt should be roughly neutral to support body weight, having it go down will put weight on the shoulders.

You don't mention how far you dropped your stem? Moving the saddle setback 15mm seems a pretty big change.

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by Kayrehn

Sorry I didn't phrase my sentence right - there's a 15mm reduction in setback but in actual fact I didn't move 15mm forward because previously the saddle was clamped at the back of the rails but now it is clamped slightly off centre, much nicer.

There's supposed to be a 32mm difference in head tube length between my previous and new frame, and I slammed the previous one as well. Didn't felt that extreme though somehow...

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by TerribleCadence

I went from an unslammed Felt AR, to a CAAD10 and slammed it within the first week of ownership. The CAAD's handling is so much better than my previous bike. I can really chuck it into corners and I feel so much more confident on high speed descents. I know this is due to bikes geometry and the AR obviously wasn't right for me, but it just feels good. I haven't had any back or neck pain, I'm in no way flexible either - if I try to touch my toes whilst standing my finger tips are a good 10" from the floor.

Slam it :thumbup:
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by natiedean24

This is such a weird question. It's like asking "When am I ready to wear size 8 shoes?". The odds of having your current headtube length + no spacers = optimum position seems rare to me. However, if a slammed position happens to fit you, then go for it.

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by ergott

I got fit for a pair of size 43 shoes and rode with them for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday I went and got size 39 shoes and they are definitely lighter. I feel so much faster with the smaller shoes than the recommended 43s.

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by nathanong87

OP just slam the stem. It looks the sickest... Especially for internet pictures and leaving the bike outside of the coffee shop.

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by coloclimber

hzucker wrote:When do I know I am ready to slam my stem? ,

When your junk is big enough to not get in the way.
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by tinozee


I would say when you can ride 100 miles in the slammed drops at the best power you couuld achieve for any other position. If you sacrifice any power or comfort than it's purely for cool points or self torture. Consistent flexibility and core work can definitely make a huge difference in saddle to bar drop position. It's quite possible that you could never slam the stem and be comfortable on certain frames that are too small or have the wrong geo for you..

If you are tall and have long legs/short torso, it's nearly impossible without a head tube that looks like a can of Lysol. Tall people get kind of hosed in this situation, and I've thought before that it would be neat to see a lager wheel size for taller riders (similar to 29er mtb). The mid sized bike is the one that can achieve true beauty - the 54, 56" frames. I'd love to see a 62cm frame with the wheels to match it!

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by kulivontot

Slam that stem or quit racing.

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by MarkGiardini

kulivontot wrote:Slam that stem or quit racing.

Lol quote of the month!
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by tommasini

Regardless of the CAAD10 with DA9000 - Does the OP look like this? ... sort=6&o=0" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

I'll leave it to others to suggest what could take place...........BTW I think this guy is about to be lapped for at least the first time......

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by Rick

My stem is already slammed as much as my headtube will allow. So I went ahead and slammed my seatpost and my crankarms.
Do you think I need a longer stem ?

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by DMF

I predict slammed seatposts are gonna be huge for 2014!

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by MarkGiardini

KWalker wrote:chill out perv dogs, homegirl is still only 17.

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by SalsaLover

curious to know what you guys find better ?

Non-slammed -17° stem with 2 cm spacers and classic round handlebars ( so it has real ramps )


a slammed 6° ( or even -6° ) stem with compact bars and shifter hoods pointing to the sky
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