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by cajer

As the title says I'm looking at shoes for myself who is very flat footed. So far I have tried Sidi, Specialized, Bont, Mavic, Bontrager, Shimano, and Lake. The Mavic and Bont seem to fit the best; however the standard Bont has too much arch support though I do hear there is a flat footed version.

So right now I'm trying to decide between the Mavic Zxellium and the Flat footed version of the Bont Riot. Any advice or does anyone else have other shoe suggestions?

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by bricky21

You need to be concentrating on the insoles rather than the shoes.

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by cajer

What options are there I'm completely unfamiliar with insoles.

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by tinozee

I had to give up on the Giro Factor because it felt too flat no matter what I did to add arch to the insole, wedgees, etc. It was the last of the shoe that felt more neutral than supportive. It had multiple insoles but you'd have to figure that part out on your own.

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by LouisN

My feet are as flat as can be. When wet, you almost can't tell what side is my footprint ...
But I don't have collapsed feet. I run the usual Bont A-1's. The carbon arches were hard at first, but after a few "bakings", it formed okay. Best fit for me, with Pearl Izumi Pro insoles ( arch support ;) ).

Louis :)

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by kauphy

I have flat feet and use Giro Factors although I kind of don't agree with it being too flat. It comes with 3 insoles with different levels of arch support. I use the medium.

They've been good to me.

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by sungod

i need a lot of arch support, otherwise my knees turn in like crazy and i get pain, after trying many different insoles, including custom, i've found esoles ones by far the best for me" onclick=";return false;

aside from the support, the rest of the insole is good too, and there's a metatarsal pad insert as well, which i find makes a big difference on longer rides

if you don't need too much support, the specialized bg footbeds are worth trying, and much cheaper, but for me the support wasn't adequate

btw if you've not used footbeds with support before it feels weird at first, but you soon get used to it

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by Devon

Go to a running shop or a Podiatrist and get some proper insoles made up.
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by Camilo

I use Sidi Genius road shoes and Bontrager RL mountain bike shoes and both are very comfortable on my flat feet with their standard insoles. I do notice when insoles have too high an arch, but that's not the case with these two shoes. As usual, about all you can do is try them, but that's my experience if it helps.

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