Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by dereksmalls

spdntrxi wrote:So far I have only removed the Specialized S in front (yes nails) .. replaced with UCI rainbow version of the S.


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by elSid

Anyone know where the Evade can be purchased? I can't find store or website that has them in stock...

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by carbonLORD

Email me.

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by spdntrxi

dereksmalls wrote:
spdntrxi wrote:So far I have only removed the Specialized S in front (yes nails) .. replaced with UCI rainbow version of the S.


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by Milese

My local Specialized concept store (UK) had them in stock around October, which quickly sold out. I missed the boat and was told next batch was due shortly. None in stock by Xmas and I ordered one in the 20% off sale.

Their delivery kept being delayed, and I was told that it was because a whole batch had been recalled due to a strap fault. I finally got mine about 2 weeks ago, about 2 weeks after Evans cycles had them in stock online.

Very pleased with it. Not noticed it being heavy. Temperature hasn't been an issue yet, as has been cold. Seems very quiet and pleased with performance. First week of owning it I got a crit win and a 3rd in a club TT (on a road bike). Co-incidence I'm sure but it all helps.

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by ultyguy

Picked up one after trying the Giro and it not fitting the best for me (which is weird because all the other Giros do work for me, it was too short top to bottom). I fit M in Aeon and Ionos and also M in Evade which fits really similarly to those two. I've been really very happy with the performance and venting of mine. The looks are a bit iffy, but it does work and isn't that much heavier.

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by illskittlz

Just came across this. What do you guys think? Before you guys knock it, I have a GIro Aeon that I bought for cheap from an Asia market. It is CE certified, rather than CPSC certified meaning it is not to be sold in US markets. CE certified is the certification used in Europe and Asia. US just have stricter laws I guess, but that's the same thing with many things like cars and stuff. My Aeon is 30 grams lighter than an Aeon sold in the US. Everything else is the same though.

http://www.dhgate.com/product/284g-men- ... 1839188724

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by Kraaf

Really, what do you think?
I love you guys. Seriously.

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