Sources for carbon fiber?

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by jordo99

I've seen a few people making their own stuff out of carbon/resin. Just wondering where they're buying their stuff at?

I'm looking to make some fun prototypes for WW (cycling and backpacking) and want to try to keep my costs down. This is the current place I'm looking at:

Basically, 1k is $24/sqft and 3k is $5/sqft (+ cost of resin)...prepreg'd 3k is $14/sqyd

I've found some stuff on ebay too that is $8/sqyd but in smaller sizes, which will leave me with more thrown away.

Probably going to buy some stuff off ebay soon if I can't find better pricing elsewhere.


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by crashracer

EBay is a good place to start for beginner projects. High end carbon is very expensive. Avoid vinyl ester resins, use only epoxy. Epoxy has no off gassing, no smells, non toxic and you don't need a gas-mask but it's not cheap either. Avoid high-priced name brand "epoxy systems" such as West Systems. Almost all epoxy comes from 3 suppliers, Dow, Shell, Hexion. Smaller companies just repackage and mark it up. Look for a general purpose marine grade fast-working epoxy. 

Soller Composites- good selection and pricing. Carries some boutique fibers such as basalt. 
Rock West Composites - Sells prefab carbon tubing, prepreg and high-modulus fibers. Sells high-end adhesives.
ACP Composite - One-stop composites shopping. Prices are somewhat high but it's convenient. Clearance stuff sometimes cheap and interesting. I sometimes buy vacuum bagging materials here. 
AeroMarine Products - Epoxy. The AeroMarine 300/21 1.5 Quart Kit is $36. 
Elite Motoring - Good Epoxy and boutique fabrics. 
cjcompositestechnology - Good epoxy and cheap fabrics. I buy carbon/kevlar hybrid fabric here. The 12oz epoxy kit is $30. 

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by xnavalav8r

If you want pre-formed tubing. Check these guys.

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