100mm + - 7 STEM in MATTE finish

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by g32ecs

I was looking the 3T ARX but it comes only in + - 6. It would've been perfect and it's $50> which is well within my intended budget.

I don't mind used on EBAY but I just don't know which brand/model has everything that I'm looking for.


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by sigismond0

Honest question: Would you even know the difference between -6 and -7 degrees in practice? The two stems will place the bars less than two millimeters apart. And that's the kind of margin of error that you get from just using different bar tape thicknesses.

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by 573

Kalloy Uno is available in -7 100mm. I've just bought one on eBay and it's lighter than the 3T and much cheaper. The garish graphics are easily removed with acetone.

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by natiedean24

I'm with sigismond0 - is this for real? At this point, -7 degree is oddball so do yourself a favor and expand your search to include -6 degree stems. I confirmed with my calculator what he says - 2mm difference in stack - negligible difference in reach.

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by FIJIGabe

All the older bontrager stems fit the bill. you would just need to use a little acetone to clean off the branding, if you didn't want it on there.
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by fa63

Performance Forte, fits all your criteria. I actually have one you can have for really cheap if you would like.

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by MattSoutherden

Of course, it's only 2mm if the stack is the same. They could end up putting the bars in exactly the same place.
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by shimmeD

Yes, should also look at the stack of the stem :!: Most are 42mm but Thomson are 36mm so in effect will place your bars 3mm lower.
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