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by DJT21

I want to paint a few panels on my frame and forks. The frame is currently powder coated black and the forks a laquered over 3k carbon.

I'll be masking the areas, sanding them down slightly, and then applying the paint with a brush.

So, what sort of paint would be best for this?

by Weenie

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by rtarh2o

I would suggest a bit more masking and use spray paint, if you want to brush it on probably the best solution would be model paint, if you are doing small areas brushing it on will probably look fine.
Spraying would give a nice smooth finish but depending on the finish of your bike neither will have the same gloss as the factory finish, to get this a hardner must be added to the paint so it will retain it's gloss.
Tractor supply sells paint, hardners and reducers at a pretty good price, the smallest they sell is a quart though.
The key is proper prep work, make sure you use at least 400 grit sand paper and clean well.
Good luck with it

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by topflightpro

I agree that looking at model paint is a good option. One thing to consider though is whether the base paint on the frame is oil or water based. If it is oil based, water-based paint won't stick well. It's been probably 20 years since I last built a model airplane, but when I did, there was a growing number of water-based acrylics, which made for much easier clean up.

Also, if you got to hobby stores or model stores, you should be able to find a rather inexpensive (~$30) air brush that works off cans of compressed air. This would be a good way to spray a neat layer of paint onto a small area. They make several for building model cars and airplanes. Just be sure to read the instructions to make sure you have thinned the paint enough to work its way through the air brush.

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