Alfine Display with 9070 DI2

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by vboy19

Does anyone know if the Alfina display will work with the 9070 DI2 system? Just wondering as it would look kind of cool :)

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by hogehoge

I've seen the diplay connected in this Japanese blog. Although post most talks about something else.

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by morrisond

When is the Di2 Computer Head Unit coming?

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by dgran

vboy19 wrote:Does anyone know if the Alfina display will work with the 9070 DI2 system? Just wondering as it would look kind of cool :)

I can't find where I read it, but yes it will work. What I don't know is whether it would require the 5 port junction or if it passes through (like the satellite shifters) so that you can use the more common 3 port junction.

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by Jesper64

Just in case anyone else stumbles across this thread whilst googling, like I did.

I was looking to use an Afline display instead of a regular A-junction so I could have the gear display. The Alfine display only has 2 ports (vs 3 of a regular A junction) so I planned to run a wire from the left shifter to the spare port on the right shifter and the regular right shifter wire to the Alfine display which then went onto the B junction. Whilst it sounded good in theory I came across the following when researching if it would work.

Yes you can use the Alfine Display (SC-S705) unit with a 6770/6870/9070 Di2 system INSTEAD of a regular A-junction unit as per Shimano's compatibility chart. The Alfine unit has a port for charging an internal battery as well. But there are the following two caveats as there is no button on the Alfine display (unlike the regular SM-EW90A/B or SC-M9050). 1) You cannot adjust derailer trim on the bike and will need to connect the bike to the E-tubes software to do so. 2) Recovery from rear derailer protection is not possible (and I don't think you can even connect to E-tubes to undo the protection).

If you're using the Alfine display in ADDITION to a regular A junction then you would be able to do the above two points through the button on the regular A junction.

The XTR Di2 display is ~30g vs ~10g SM-EW90A (3 port) A junction.

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