Loudest freehub?

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by euan

You'll struggle to fine Hopes in lower spoke hole counts
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by carbon2329

I've used:

-DT Swiss 240

......DT was the loudest in my experience.

by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

This might also help a bit:

(from your friends at FWB)
This is an excellent comparison as the microphone is held at a constant distance to the wheel.

Similarly, Ligero (who now works w/ or @ FWB, I believe) posted this video a while back:
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by fdegrove


Loud freewheels invariably lose more energy than quiet ones.

Ciao, ;)
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by eric

Only while coasting. :)

Actually now you have me wondering. Take the grease out of the freewheel mechanism and replace with light oil. It will be louder, but does it have more drag?

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by deltree

Louder and less drag. Drag from pawls is pretty minimal anyway though.

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by Wingnut

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by SWijland

Industry Nine freehubs are apparently veeery loud.

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by teufelhunden222

Wingnut wrote:Apparently these are the loudest...

http://www.profileracing.com/estore/pro ... ductId=470" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

OK those guys have 60 mm flanges. that has to make for one stiff wheel. Anyone used them before?-David

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by jpanspac

Guerdi wrote:Tune hubs are loud too. So loud it's annoying.

Agreed. I have a new Tune Mag 170, and it's the loudest hub I've owned.
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by MileHighMark

Wingnut wrote:Apparently these are the loudest...

http://www.profileracing.com/estore/pro ... ductId=470" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Yes, those are REALLY loud.
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by rowdysluggins

Okay, two pages and no one has asked the obvious question: Why do you (or anyone) want the loudest hubs?
Is it just to annoy the guy trying to drop you on a slight downhill? He's up there thinking "I'm hurting him", so quit pedaling just to remind him how futile his effort is? I really don't care how loud or soft my freehub is as long as it performs and lasts (by the way, I love the sound of the Soul freehub in my 3.0 SLs with the upgraded hubs. It sounds like it has double the pawls).

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by michel2

the king r45 are really quite ! i just started using my new wheels, king on achrrytypes, and the are for sure more quite that my campy chorus ten speed hubs or my hopes which are loud..
also have to say that they are butterly smooth and no freewheel drag at all !! very happy with these puppies !

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by sawyer

Loudest I've had was Planet X on a pair of their carbon wheels first gen. Loud as in peds 200m away turning round loud.

Zipp are loud in a good way.

It's very handy for commuting in the city, and actually pretty handy on descents when going past people ... though the risk is always they look round, change line and you have to adjust in response.
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by Weenie

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by mellowJohnny

And if you *really* love your King hubs' sound, you can make it your ringtone.


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