BB30 bearing removal Felt F1

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by missinglink

Hi guys,

I bought an F1 and I'm trying to service the non drive side bearing (BB was creaking like crazy) but this bearing will NOT come out. The drive side was no issue. The bearing does not roll freely. Any recommendations on getting this thing out? I'm using a hand made tool with a 5" bolt with nuts and 1 1/2" washer to spread the load evenly. Any chance that this thing is loctited in place? I bought it 2nd hand

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by sungod

if it has been mounted with loctite, acetone may weaken the bond

it'll flash off fast so try laying the bike on its side and making a 'dam' around the bearing so you can pour it on and let it penetrate

well ventilated area, avoid skin contact etc.

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by missinglink

Thank you for the ideas, will give it a go.


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by gjash

I regularly locate in my bb30 bearings and they'll usually pop out after a couple really hard whacks. Bigger hammer?

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by seve88

It is expensive but the Park tool is obviosuly purpose made and has no risk of marking the frame. If you are sticking with BB30 then it will be worth the investment.

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