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by Kermithimself

I have read the other threads here about shoe width, but none seems to give any answers.

I'm looking for a pair of new shoes, but would like to find out which brands are notorious for narrow, regular and wide shoes.

How would you rate the following brands, when it comes to width?

Sidi - Narrow
Specialized - ?
Shimano - Regular
Mavic - ?
Lake - Wide
Fizik - ?
Giro - Wide
Diadora - ?
Gaerne - ?
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by pushstart

I believe Lake and Giro *have* wide options, but I didn't know their non-wide shoes were considered wide?

Specialized is generally considered wider (and also has wide options in certain models, though the wide is mostly the toe box, so did my wide foot shape no good). Northwave is also a wider brand. I hear Bonty is too, but haven't tried any on recently.

by Weenie

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by Stolichnaya

Giro from my experience (coming from Sidi) are narrow width, but due offer more height / volume vertically.

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by ghostrider1tm

I didn't see DMT on your list, but I have found them to be on the narrow side.

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by jaibautista

Surprisingly, the SIDI Wire Vent Carbon (43) has a wider forefoot area (not too much, just a bit) compared to the Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite (43.5) that i previously used. Perhaps they used a wider last for the Wirrw Vent

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by Devon

I've heard various people say Shimano are wide, and I find mine slightly on the wide side (but maybe my feet are narrower than I think...?)
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by MarkGiardini

Specialized, Bont, NW, Scott,LG & Lake all suit a wider than average foot from past experience...
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by ricerocket

What if....a company made shoes of varying widths? :shock: :shock: :shock:

I've had 3 Specialized shoes, they've been narrow (Specialized Comp MTB from 2004-ish), way too wide (S-WORKS road circa 2011), and just right (Specialized Pro circa 2010).

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by bombertodd

I've been shoe shopping lately and I've found:

Shimano - Narrow
Sidi - Narrow
Sidi Mega - Regular
Northwave - Regular
Lake - Regular
Lake Wide - Wide
DMT - Narrow
Mavic - Narrow
Giro - Narrow
Giro Wide - Regular

I'm still struggling to find wide shoes that I like. I have a wide foot and most companies don't offer wide shoes except in their bottom of the line super flexi sole line.

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by MJB

Recently purchased Sidi Wire Vent in a size 45 and still ride Mavic Zxellium Ultimate in a size 44.

I pulled out the calipers and measured the externals of both shoes :-

Mavic Zxellium Ultimate size 44 (295 grams naked - without cleat)

Actual carbon sole length 284mm
Actual carbon sole width (at widest point) 94mm
Actual OD width of shoe (at widest Point) 102mm
Actual overall shoe length 294mm

Sidi Wire Vent size 45 (305 grams naked - without cleat)

Actual carbon sole length 280mm
Actual carbon sole width (at widest point) 94mm
Actual OD width of shoe (at widest Point) 100mm
Actual overall shoe length (excluding protruding heel retention clamp) 300mm

I consider my feet as neither narrow or wide and I have normal arch height. Both pairs of shoes fit very similarly on my feet, despite one full size differential..........

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by deltree

Any other manufacturers out there have an actual size chart with widths in mm like Bont? ... Chart.html

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by MarkGiardini

With regards to the NWs - the Aerlilte 3 and 5 were definitely the widest of NWs offerings.
The past couple of models (Evolution and the Extreme) are more in line with traditional, average offerings..
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by LaDolceVita

SIDI - Narrow - A/B
Women's - C/D
Men's - D/E
Mega - EE-EEEE

I would say if you have not tried a set of SIDI's in a while I would give them another look. SIDI's fit changed about 7-8 years ago. I have done an incredible amount of fits, and people wonder if I had slipped on a wide shoe on them when its just a regular width.

One thing to keep in mind about SIDI is that our length is the same throughout, just a different cut on the widths. So a 41 is a 41 is a 41. From here if you need a little more volume and a wider toe cap from a women's shoe, you can try the same size in the standard men's and that should do the trick. This year even more so, as the Wire/Drako has a wider toe cap than the Ergo 3/Dragon 3.

This way you can walk into any shop and try a shoe on of any model (as long as they are current) and know that this will fit more or less like any other model in the collection. Higher-end models will fit a little better due to different closure system/upper, however the overall size will be the same.

Let me know if you have any questions on SIDI's.,,,,,,,,,

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by TK421

Just for the record.

A year ago I've bought the Mavic Galibier cycling shoes in size 10.5 and they were pretty neatly shaped around my feed. Of course during the course of one year they became a bit lose and now I can slightly move my foot if wearing summer socks.

Less than a month ago Wiggle had a decent discount on Mavic shoes and I couldn't resist buying a pair of the Zxellium Ultimate in size 10.5 to match the ones I already have, hoping they'll fit the same as the Galibier. Funny because from the very beginning the Zxellium felt larger. So I had to order another pair of Zxelliums, but in size 10. The 2nd pair fits better, leght is fine...just a bit narrow on the side. I hope with the time they'll loosen up a little bit just like the others did so they'll be just fine...

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by topflightpro

Actually, many manufacturers do make shoes in different widths.

Sidi - Regular, Narrow and Mega widths on Genius 5, Regular and Mega on Genious 6.6 and Five.
Lake - Regular and Wide on most models.
Shimano - Regular and Wide on the 320
Specialized - Narrow, Regular and Wide (Pro and S-Works models.)

That's what I remember off the top of my head.

by Weenie

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