Red Aerolink Brake Calipers

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by NYCPrynne

I am being driven crazy by these calipers....does anyone have any tips about keeping them balanced when they are mounted? I've tried adjusting the cable length, and adjusting the allen bolt and nut, and nothing seems to help with regards to keeping them centered. One brake pad is always close to rubbing the rim.

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by SUCycling88

Your housing is either too long or too short which either pushes or pulls the brake off center. Fix that and your problem is gone

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by teufelhunden222

No, they just are not working out for you so you should sell them to me really cheap.-David

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by sigismond0

If using the centering bolt isn't adjusting it, that tells me you haven't tightened the brake well enough onto the frame. If you're not securely clamped into the frame, no amount of cable tweaking or centering bolt adjustment will stop it from pivoting on the mounting bolt.

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by lewolive

The most recent sram red calipers are working like Ciamillo brakes. They are working very well, they just work on an other way compared with standard road calipers...
Take time to read the instructions, that's anyway easy to setup for anybody.
I like Sram Red Aerolink because Sram is the only factory brand to make efforts on the weight of their brakes. But there is still 60-65g to save with using Ciamillo GSL micro :D

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