Which durable tubular tyres with classic rubber walls ?

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by Geoff

If you are going to go to the expense of building a bomb-proof, pave-style wheelset, it makes no sense to me to put bargain tires on it. I would recommend either of the Dugast or FMB Paris-Roubaix high-volume tires. If you want a more readily-available tire, the Vittoria Pave CG is good, too, but you won't get your 'skin wall' look.

As an aside, if you're going to go to all that trouble, I would also recommend sticking with a 'factory' adjustable hub. If you want to switch between Campagnolo and Shimano, ok, I get that...

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by RichTheRoadie

If you go clincher, seek out Grand Bois - made by Panaracer (I think) and a good weight. They seem to be well over any past issues they might have had too.

by Weenie

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by Devon

I bought a second hand pair of Vittoria Rubions at the beginning of the year and have put 3500km on them. Vittoria product quality and durability is second to none. Fantastic.
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by Stolichnaya

SalsaLover, you are correct, I was crossing over to my preference for Veloflex... :oops:
(Veloflex Corsa is an open tubular / clincher tire.)

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by HillRPete

Challenge Strada Bianca are listed as tubulars too now, on the Challenge website. Voluminous gravel tyre -- need good frame clearance though. (Personal Challenge experience restricted to the Grifo XS, which I liked)

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by kgt

Has anyone tried Gommitalia champion? Not a top tire obviously but looking really nice for its price.


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by veloflyte

Wester-Ross wrote:Hi

My question isn't exactly WW, and I am sure many of the contributors with experience of riding tubs are getting tired of answering tubular questions, but here goes.

I have recently converted my old custom steel steed into a fixed for the road (nice sensible road geometry and two brakes).
I have taken the time to keep the bike as period as possible (which is 1984), but I need help with a reliable tubular tire - and I really want them to have tan sidewalls for that period look.

I have been using Vittoria Rally, but they keep failing on me (a puncture or a tear or the valve fails).

I have been considering the Veloflex criterium, but this bike gets used in all weather conditions and I hear that Velofex tend to pick up a lot of road debris in the wet and then puncture.

What I am currently leaning towards is either a dugast or FMB paris-roubaix tire, probably in a 25mm section.

I am not expecting these tires to be as puncture-proof as Sprinter Gatorskins (although they must have better ride quality), but I am hopeful that they are as good as Vittoria CG.

If anyone has first hand experience of the dugast PR or FMB PR and can comment on their suitability as a reliable training tire for poor road&weather conditions that would be great.

I think you may be basing your tire choice on incorrect traits... Personally I wouldn't choose a tubular tire for high puncture resistance based on the manufacturer. I would simply look at the weight of the tire. If it's heavy, it will simply have more puncture resistance.

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by kfreytag

@Denavelo - the Corsa Evo SC *do* come in a 25. I'm stretching two on my SES 3.4s right now. Bought them from Wiggle:

http://www.wiggle.com/vittoria-corsa-sc ... road-tire/

Don't know if that's new for this year, but I haven't seen it before. I've had good luck with the 23s on CCUs.
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by Wingnut

Always loved my Gommitalia's...apologies for the crappy iPhone pic...

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by fdegrove


kgt wrote:Has anyone tried Gommitalia champion? Not a top tire obviously but looking really nice for its price.


Tried a set years ago. I really did not like them at all. Granted they're cheap but a Schwalbe Montello is way more supple and hence overall nicer riding.

BTW, all the higher end Gommitalia stuff is made by Veloflex anyhow.

Ciao, ;)
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by HillRPete

Challenge Paris Roubaix (and the even more voluminous Strada Bianca) comes with a double puncture protection layer this year. Very tempted to put together a set of low profile tubs and run them.
(Just got me some Almanzos for tearing around the mountains, which sometimes includes slippery dirt roads/paths)

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by barsook77

CharlesM wrote:Vittoria cx natural..


DUDE! That is one fantastic paint scheme. Not a fan of gold ... but real class the way you presented it! Red accents are outrageous!!!!

You're correct with the Vitoria's. Use the CX ... quality is getting back closer to what they used to be back in "the day".

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