SRAM RED clicking sound

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by addictR1

i'd tried to tighten it to the spec, but hard to hold the carbon rim while doing so. any tips and pointers on how to do that?

by Weenie

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by cht

This is a known SRAM issue at the shop I frequent. The clicking typically happens under load, and more so at the "cross over point" between big/small ring. At least 5 bikes had the issue, including one of the shop's employees. All different frames and setups, but with Red 22. Everything was tried at SRAM's suggestion, including different cassettes, bottom brackets, etc. Finally, one of the mechanics found what solves the problems- A shimano 11 chain! For whatever reason, the Red 22 chain twists from torque ever so slightly causing the click. They are dealing with SRAM right now about the issue and seeing if there is some more general resolution or a manufacturing issue.

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by weightLight

When I tap the lever for a taller or shorter gear a clicking sound is always heard.

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by Flyfishing3

speedwobbles wrote:If you have a Red cassette, tighten your lockring. A lot.

I wish the site had a +1.

I've had this one before

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by addictR1

Yea the lock ring was tighten and clicking gone... ;)

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by MNX1024

When you guys say tighten the lockring a lot, how much is, a lot?

Does this apply to the 10 speed Red Powerdome cassette too?

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by wojchiech

SRAM tech manual says to tighten their cassettes to 40 Nm (350 in-lb).

I personally never tighten to exact torque. I usually give it couple weight-bearing hand tightenings until the lockring does't budge, and I haven't had any clicking problems with any of my cassettes.

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by bombertodd

I've had clicking before. Tighten the lockring fixed it. Most need 35-50nm of torque (it will say on the lockring). 40nm is a lot from feel in my opinion.

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by addictR1

I just use hand tighten.. didn't know how much to use on actual torque wrench.

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