SRAM RED clicking sound

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by addictR1

i'm running with the SRAM RED w/ YAW (bought the groupset brand new) on my addict. when riding on the flats, i don't hear anything.. but the minute i still to pedal up a rolling hill; even more so a higher climb, i start to here this clicking sound everytime i pedal. i thought the sound was from the rear, but sounds more like from the front side.

don't know what's causing it.. because i've only put about 500 miles on this groupset. i tried to duplicate the sound on the bike stand, but it doesn't show up.

any suggestion on where to look?

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by prendrefeu

Have you tried:
Checking your chainring bolts?
Checking to see if your bottom bracket is poorly adjusted?
Checking your pedal threads?
Checking to see if the excess cable from your FD is hitting the crank arms on rotation?
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by Weenie

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by addictR1

Checking your chainring bolts? Yes
Checking to see if your bottom bracket is poorly adjusted? Not yet
Checking your pedal threads? Yes
Checking to see if the excess cable from your FD is hitting the crank arms on rotation? Not Yet

Will have to check that out tomorrow and see...

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by Devon

Does the ticking match the crank revolutions (i.e. is it a regular beat) or is it random? If it only happens under load (climbing) then it is doubtful excess cable as that would always hit.

Are you 100% sure it's coming from the crank/BB assembly?

If it's a regular and fast tick tick tick tick then check the alignment of the Derailleur and chain, the chain could be catching slightly. I've had this before and it's very annoying!
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by showdown

I had a similar problem and found that my chain catcher was too close to the rings and that one of the bolts was hitting it when the crank was under high torque load. Try backing the chain catcher off a bit... I'd wager that solves the problem.


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by PoorCyclist

Your cage or catcher might be set too close, you never hear on the stand but very normal to get enough flex to rub when outside pedalling a bit harder.

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by liketoride

that is what my problem was. the chain catcher was hitting the chain on the low ring in one spot so i pushed the chain catcher out a little and that helped.

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by oreoboreo

500 miles... I bet it is your crank needs re torqued. Your chan catcher is plastic like mine, I bet it is not the source. You have the same bike and I did have a Chainring bolt loose that created the same noise on steeper hills when I put out more effort. Retorque the handlebars also (5nm)

There is a torque spec on the Sram red near the hex bolt, by the way if you are looking in that area I would the remove the cranks and do a visual inspection to make sure the bearings are not loose in the bb cups (kind of cups).

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by Shinobi

Had the most annoying clicking sound on my bike while riding hard/climbing for almost a year. Turned out that the skewer needed some lube. Hate it when it's something so stupid.

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by Mr.Gib

Yes, number one thing to check for noise is the quick releases. Clean and lube. Some hub//QR combos require a bit of lube in the drop out.
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by addictR1

@Devon: "Does the ticking match the crank revolutions?" Yes it does. It's very consistent click. not 100% sure it's coming from the BB. i mounted the bike on a bike stand and can't duplicate the clicking sound with every crank. only on loads does it show up.

@showdown: ok, i'll try checking the chaincatcher. come to think of it.. i only hear it when i'm in the 34T and not on the 50T. even on rolling hills, the 34T combo will have that clicking sound.

@oreoboreo: my chain catch is the one that came with the SRAM RED. last i check it was aluminium i think.

@Shinobi: skewers are new from farsport with the rims, so i don't think that's the issue. but will check anyways.

i hadn't had a chance to really look into the issue since the 4th of july weekend took up most of my time away from my ride. will check it tonight and see.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Check also valves/extenders.

Also a common source of noise.

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by mogwaiboi

I've had a clicking sound with my SRAM Rival BB30 that I can't get rid off since I changed the crankset. Had it back at the shop a few times...when it's greased and re-torqued it goes away but comes back a few weeks later. I feel your pain as it's doing my head in!
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by addictR1

ok.. here's the feedback.. i checked the crankset, retorque everything to spec. the chain catcher is at least 5-6mm away from the small chainring, so no issue there. removed the rear wheel to clean the cassette and mounted it back.

test ride.. and the sound is gone.. but from time to time comes back but very faint. alignment issue maybe?

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by speedwobbles

If you have a Red cassette, tighten your lockring. A lot.

by Weenie

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