2014 Scott Addict SL

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by mnmasotto

Are these available for retail sales yet? In am currently looking for a size small-ish frame in a similar weight range. I wish the A2J was available.

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by andy2

They're coming...

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by justkeepedaling

Yes, the old R5CA fork was made by THM. Also, the RCA fork is quite different from the 3T Rigida. Look at the fork crown. Totally different.

All these bikes are getting light, but until someone else gets into the 600 range (non custom), there still is a big gap.
A small RCA was weighed at 602 grams. That's a long ways ahead of any other production bike that I know of

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by tinozee

What about the THM nimbus fork what is that like 250g? Sweet. So maybe some of the drop is the fork.

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by jsinclair

Shut up about the cervelos. There are specific threads for that.

The RCA is not a standard production bike

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Precisely. Can we keep this about the new Addict, please.

And comparisons 'apples to apples'. Which the RCA is not.

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by uraqt

Just to come to the defense of the "Cervelo Guys "! How many ADDICT SL are made every year? What is an Apple to apples comparison? Do we have a cost for the ADDICT SL?

As far a I know a run of 300 might be two years of production for Scott or Cannondale???? I would guess that Cervelo sold about 100 R5CAs a year, as you could still get one early this year before the Rca was released.


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by rowdysluggins

I just (well, a couple weeks ago), got done putting together a new 2011 Addict R1 frame with DA9000. I already owned a 2008 Addict, and still haven't ridden any frame I like more. I hope the new Addict is a worthy replacement, but weight alone won't make me buy one. Unless it handles every riding situation as well as the old Addict, it's just another grab at the ultra-light title. Sure there are lighter frames out there, but how many are really as good as the original Addict. I think the C'dale Evo HiMod is the closest, and may even be better than the Addict, but the Foil? This is definitely an opportunity for Scott to redeem itself, and I hope they do (but maybe they lost their mojo). :

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by djconnel

This Addict is a lot more aero, if you believe Scott's claims: perhaps the down tube is sqovaled? I have a hard time telling from photos I've seen. Also on the original Addict there's been a lot of reports of reliability problems: for example a friend went through two frames. Others seem to have no problems (like you).


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by rowdysluggins

I have to preface this with the fact that I don't do any "real" racing anymore. I do lots of timed centuries, double centuries, slug-fests with my buddies, and hill climbing. To be honest, I just don't care much about alleged aero advantages when it comes to minor frame changes. Sure, TT bikes are better at their discipline than road bikes, but I think the velcro on my gloves comes loose when I'm riding sometimes, my jersey has wrinkles in it, those stupid boa dials stick out of my shoes. I haven't tested my position in a wind tunnel, and, oh yeah, and I'm usually drafting the biggest, fast guy I can find (unless I'm on a climb, when they disappear). I think all of those things could add up to way more than the frame drag. Give me something super-light, super-handling, and super-comfortable, and I'm pretty sure my performance will be better, even if it's placebo effect. In fact, the placebo effect of the aero frame is probably worth it to people who buy them (just not me). That said, if I can have all of the above, I'll buy it.

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by campbellrae

The top of the range Addict SL is supposed to retail at 8000 Euros, with Sram Red 22, carbon Ritchey WCS finishing kit and carbon wheels, so not too bad, and certainly comparable with other off the shelf top of the range machines from Trek/Giant etc. The link to the Bikeradar article on the first page of the thread contains a lot of info on prices & specs!

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by elviento

Nicely done. I like it a lot. Especially since these are made 17 miles from where I live.

Folks are right that ya can't compare a production frame with a limited run done in a lab scenario by engineers.

On a related topic, I do feel we are nearing the end of engineering on these light weight frames. We are going to need some carbon fiber breakthrough. Maybe like the carbon on the UK olympic project bike?
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by maxxevv

Graphene is already there. Just a matter of costs and scale of production required to harvest enough of it (and leftover) to build bikes. The aerospace companies will hijack all the available stocks for the foreseeable first 5 years mass production for it.

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by 53x12

New Addict looks interesting. Wonder how the new tube shapes will affect the feel of the bike. Still haven't ridden a Scott that I enjoyed ridding nor would want to spent day-in day-out in the saddle on. The weight is nice, but if the feel isn't there...
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by djconnel

rowdysluggins: I think that's very well stated. Things which would be important to me when picking between two frames typically wouldn't compel me to replace something I already have. I'm a big fan of hanging onto stuff rather than trying to stay on top of the wave.

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