would it be too bling

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by rowls

Do you think on a cervelo Rca 3T aeronova stealth handlebars would look too flash harry?

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by sungod

when it comes to road bikes, there is no such thing as too bling

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by Calnago

If you have to ask, then you don't have the balls to be Flash Harry. Go for it.
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by arthurf

It's an rca, there aren't many flashier or more expensive frames :thumbup: they will look great!

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by goodboyr

Yup. No holds barred with an RCA. And stealth matches RCA paint job. :mrgreen:

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by rowls

Sometimes less is more - and I can not visualize, nor google a visual point of reference.

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by Slagter

How can stealth be bling?

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by 11.4

Slagter wrote:How can stealth be bling?

Egad. You are on a 45 day suspension from this forum.

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by nd2rc

Lol, yeah with an RCA you go all out

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by tinozee

Just my opinion, but aero bars seem like a weird choice for that frame.

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by prebsy

I don't think that combo is gonna fly. Those bars really demand a frame with muscular lines. The RCA would work much much better with a skinny bar. A thin wrapped Rotundo is the best bet for the R-series IMHO.

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by Kayrehn

Skinny-tubes frames will be better matched with shallower wheels and conventional cockpit (not bulky zipp-like stems and aero bars)

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by AndreLM

This is a titanium round-tube bike with what seems to be Aeronova bars and mid-depth carbon wheels. It is bling, but mostly because of the color.

I find it stunning!


(sorry, wanted to img directly, but the images are too large and I am too lazy to resize to my photobucket account)

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by mattyNor

Comparing a Cervelo to that is like comparing a baked potato to a nice polish vodka, not even in the same realm.....

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by AndreLM

I am not comparing anything (I thought that was clear in my post).

OP mentioned he did not find any image of a typical round tube bike with an Aeronova bar, and I thought those images could help.

The bikes are indeed completely different.

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