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by alastairb

My "summer" bike runs di2 and will be out of use for the next fees months; is it good practice to disconnect the battery?

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by RussellS

Don't know if its good practice or not. But I don't on my now old Di2 bike. Some years I don't even bother to charge the battery over the winter. It lasts forever. Of course this is an OLD 10 speed Di2. So maybe they made better batteries and electronics back in the dinosaur days.

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by salesguy

No need to over think this - just check the charge in a few months when it's time to start riding again. If needed, charge. End of story.

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by maxxevv

Just check it every few weeks to a month and charge as needed. Lithium batteries don't like to be completely drained.

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by 5DII

Why not just ride it through the winter? I purposely put Di2 on my winter bike since it is weather/water sealed.

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