Sensible upgrades for RR bike.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by andyrr

I'm new to this forum but I like what I see so far - seems ot be well mannered discussion and not just arguments.
So, here's my query. I'm based in the UK (Scotland actually) and am a 4th cat 145lb weekend racer, riding the occasional TT but mainly races of around 50 - 70 miles.
Bike : based around a GT ZR 1.0 Lotto team issue built with Easton Custom butted tubing. I love this - if Andre Tchmil can ride it then it's good enough for me ! Fitted with Time carbon/Ali fork
Wheels - Mavic Helium sprints - I like these too. Got a good deal 2 years ago when I bought them and have managed to source a couple of spares at great prices so these will be staying.
9-speed D'Ace sti and rear mech, Ultegra f'mech, c'set and calipers, TTT bars, stem,seat post, Flite saddle.

What would sensible upgrades be - I can't throw money at the bike and don't really fancy the idea of carbon bars etc as the the components have to withstand the inevitable stack-up that will happen at some point.

I may get the chance of some USE items but I think their top end bars and stem are carbon so not really what I want.

Thanks in advance

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by asphaltdude

Ultegra seatpost? I think you can save some weight there!
Whow! That's a pretty damn nice garage door!

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by Perry

a pair of new light tyres/tubes is always a easy (and cheap... :roll: ) trick to save weight quick
check this list for weights

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by KB

Go for really good light tyres (TUFO's are excellent). I think they make a real difference. In fact I have always thought that having a really light set of wheels is the most noticeable difference on any bike, especially if you normally ride something a bit heavier.

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by andyrr

Thanks for the replies - I'm using tubs so tyres/tubes aren't an option but the Tufos do look pretty light - I'm currently using Conti Sprinters or CX's
As for seatposts, the USE Ti or Ali posts look fairly light and I've used on on my other bike for a good few years with no problems.
Added - I can get the Campag Chorus ti seatpost for under £40 which seems good value for the weight saving.

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by Racing Aardvark

if you really just want to replace something, go for the tires - I'd say Tufos, along with others here, plus I race on them for road and cross. The Lites are nice, but I LOOOOOVE the Elite Jet on my aero wheels. scary fast and light.

It doesn't sound like you really NEED to replace anything, but sure, replace the seatpost. Lots of options out there.

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