Ciamillo Gravitas SL setup with Enve 1.25 tubby: Any Issues

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Hi lot,

Of late, the GSL pair with Enve 1.25 tubby have gotten me feel (maybe I felt imbalance) the brake will misalign everytime I takes the wheels out (for cleaning, tyres replacement etc).
I know it wouldn't be an hassle to align them (but requires constant trials and errors) to get the 'ideal' centering.
[I have mine a fair share of hassle during alignment, so I couldn't say it is a breeze to begin with]

Someone with good/bad experience - pour in theirs too? :D :twisted:


by Weenie

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by pawnii

are u using compression-less cable housings?
it helps
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Pardon my ignorance, as I not so familiar with the term "compression-less cable housings".
I am using Ilink Alligator housing, with Campaq internal liner, if that is your query.

I have been swayed by friends, into THM Fibula, but I am taken aback by the cost.
I am not ready to jump bail yet, at least not in the moment as I have other heavy (= $$$) commitment at hand.

I am inclined if others have similiar setup, and their takes in this situation.

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by Juanmoretime

I-Links are compressionless so you are good there. I've been on Gravitas SL's for well over a year and have not had to re-center them since installing. Being a long time Ciamillo brake user I do know the housing length is very critical. Too long will off center the caliper in one direction and same thing but a different direction should the housing be too short.

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by carbonLORD

You set them up wrong, its OK, here's how you correct it.

Step 1: Make sure the brake housing is perfectly cut. If its too long it will push the brake in one direction, too short and it will pull the brake in the other direction. Doesn't have to be perfect, but very close for step 2.

Step 2: Do not use a cone wrench to try and adjust the caliper into position. Instead, from the front of the brake, use a Torx or Allen wrench (depending on the bolt) and gently center the brake this way. You cannot center from the back bolt, and the cone wrench on the caliper will only scratch up the anodized finish.

If your housing is at the correct length and you adjust the centering using the middle brake bolt, you will be all set.

Give it a shot and let us know if you have any other problems with them.



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