2014 Shimano 6870 and Disk Brakes!

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by MichaelB

ms6073 wrote:
MichaelB wrote:Given that the RT-99 discs are centre lock only, what are the recommendations for lightest affordable hubs that will suit the centre lock system ?
I believe that is specific to the new 140mm Icetech rotors seeing as there are currently 6-bolt IceTech 160mm rotors available.

I currently run the RT-86 version of the Ice Tec rotors (without the inner heatsink), and am unlikley to do the work required to swap to the new rotors, as much as I'd like to, as the additional cost and weight gain are not worth the benefits gained.

My wheelset with 29er carbon clinchers, CM hubs and 28/32 with 3x come in at 1,421g fro the set at a cost of $600, so when the DT240 hubs cost the same by themselves, why would I go that way ??

I know Shimano's system is probably better, but it limits them a bit.

Meh, I'll survive. Have not even come close to finding the limit of heat with my road disc setup as it is, so don't really need the CL hubs and RT-99 rotors :P

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by bm0p700f

I spoke to madsion today and they confirmed that this hydro shifter will work with 10 speed and delivery in Jan 21014 hopefully. Cost is expected to be £600 for the calipers, hose and shifters. Discs and mounts are extra as normal. I think I will be getting one.

I will have to build my own wheels for them though. 11 speed 135mm spaced rear hub who does one?

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by ms6073

bm0p700f wrote:11 speed 135mm spaced rear hub who does one?
While the 11-speed freehub body is probably not an issue, finding a 135mm spaced rear non-disc rear hub, that seems like it will be a challenge. Not necessarily an apples-to-apples comparison but when I put my Raleigh RCX Disc cross frame (135mm rear spacing) on the trainer, aside from no rear brake :), I have had no problems riding on a Mavic Ksyrium Elite road wheel with a trainer tire.
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by bm0p700f

I mean a 11 speed disc hub! I suppose a 11 speed body could be put on a dt swiss hub.

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by benhama

I saw the new Shimano Ultegra 6870 in the flesh at the recent Birmingham Cycle Show. It looked very impressive, and so much smaller than the Ultegra 6770. I wondered if anyone has actually ridden it as yet, and of course has an opinion to share?

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by justanewbie

I'm sure it is, but you need to post this not in the introduce yourself/gallery unless you have photos of said 6870 Di2 on your bike.

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by benhama

I did post in the correct area, so can only assume that the moderator moved it :(

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by spdntrxi

It's not out yet right? I thought Nov release

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by bm0p700f

My di2 hydro levers are on back order from Madison. Shimano are releasing the CX-75 28H disc brake hubs 10/11 speed in January. So a wheel build looks possible now. the other option would have been a custom hub from Royce.

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by 743power

You can put an 11spd free hub body/end cap on a dt MTb hub.
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by ill principe

I need some input before ordering my 6870 kit. Since I want to use a Rotor crank and lighter brakes I'm going for "electronic kit". I have placed an order at at large online retailer, which can not provide a delivery date. They state that this kit consists of:

- 1 x Schaltwerk Shimano Ultegra Di2 (RD-6870)
- 1 x Umwerfer Shimano Ultegra Di2 anlöt (FD-6870)
- 1 Paar Schalt-/Bremsgriffe Shimano Ultegra Di2 STI 2-/10-fach (ST-6870)
- 1 x Akku Shimano Di2 SM-BTR2
- 1 x Ladegerät Shimano Di2 SM-BCR2, inkl. Ladekabel
- 1 x Elektrischer Verteiler Shimano 3 Port (SM-EW90-A)
- 1 x Verteilerdose Shimano Di2 SM-JC41
- 1 x 4er-Set Gummitülle Shimano Di2 SM-GM01 6mm
- 1 x 4er-Set Gummitülle Shimano Di2 SM-GM02 7x8mm

But when looking at Starbike, our host, I pick out exactly the listed components one by one and the total sum is lower, seems like an easy decision then (especially since the part are in stock).

Before canceling my order and place a new one, am I missing something? Is something else needed?

I know cables are not included in the list above, but the are not usually part of Di2 group sets, correct?

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by skiandbikecmh

@CBJ Cav's Comment may well have been a plug for sponsors, but his point is still a valid one. The difference in power of brakes almost always ends with tire contact, unless you literally cannot lock up the brakes. However, the advantage of hydro rim brakes is not power, but modulation. What the hydro brakes would theoretically allow him to do is adjust power more exactly. This would mean that he can apply more power and get closer to the point of locking up wheels without locking them up. Stopping is quicker when wheels are not locked up, and the added modulation would allow you to get closer to locking the wheels up without getting there.

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