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by Weenie

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by sawyer

Can't comment on the shoes but I've seen the tyres slip slide all over the place; in particular they seem to lose traction easily (relative to other high end tyres) going up steep wet climbs. Are they made by someone else for Mavic?

Pez - enjoyed the review btw :thumbup:
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by cerro

Oh, and I got a pair of almost new Zxellium Ultimate. Seems like the stiffen it up even more, maybe too much for me. But would love a Fury Ultimate shoe :)
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by MavicZack

headwind816 wrote:@MavicZack - when will the maxi versions be available? I need to order some shoes :)

available in stores now! if you're having trouble finding, ask your retailer to call the company directly, or their sales rep. all footwear should be in stock currently.
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by TrekUk

I had all the 2014 mavic shoes in the shop today, must say i'm very impressed with the range and am considering some Zxellium that are £240, although there is yet to be an image I can find of the updated 2014 Zxellium on the web that I can find, they have a slight sparkle in the finish of the shoe that can only be appreciated close up.
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by ipdamages

Does anyone have any experience with the new version of the Huez?

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by juancarlos


Do you have any idea where I can get a few pictures of the 2014 Fury please ?



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by duz10s

they look hot, have the previous model and have been an awesome shoe, light and comfy and very stiff
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