HELP! This freehub is driving me crazy!!

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by liam7020

A recent switch from Shimano to Campag necessitated changing the freehub on my Dati hubs. It was a five minute job and all seemed well. On the workstand the Campag freehub engages to pedal and coasts/freewheels nicely. However whenever I actually take the bike on the road the freehub engages fine to pedal but whenever I coast/freewheel the freehub begins to intermittently jam or snag causing the chain to slap off the chainstay. I've tried various different lubricants ranging from light oil, medium oil, TriFlow and light grease but the problem persists. I also removed the Campag freehub and re-fitted the orginal Shimano one again, which had been working perfectly, and now it's doing the same! So obviously there's nothing wrong with the Campag freehub and it's more a problem with the manner in which I'm fitting the freehub. When I initially removed the Shimano freehub I do recall noting that there was a definite lack of any lubricant but, that said, it was working fine. Is there a specific lubricant I should be using with these Dati hubs or am I missing something in the fitting process? Any comments would be appreciated. Ta.
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by jekyll man

I can't comment on that particular hub, but usual suspects are:
Too much grease ( esp in DT hubs)
Seals binding. Has it got a big flange seal that's not sat properly?
Reassembled incorrectly? The few novatec and KT hubs that I've worked on have always been a pain, and I did find a way that got around this problem. Can't remember what it was though, sorry.
Is It possible to mount the free hub to the axle and lock it up, then fit to the hub?
Hope any of this helps...
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