Single front chainring Crit Bike?

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by Nadler

Last winter I decided to run a single front chainring on my cyclocross bike. The setup involved two chainring guards and worked well most of the time. I only lost the chain once or twice over large bumps. I really enjoyed the simplicity and it got me thinking about running a similar setup for road season. I should note that I live in one of the flattest regions of the US so climbing or inclines aren't really an issue. Now that SRAM CX1 is out there seems to be three options...
1. I run CX1 with a 1-23/25 cassette and a 53t wolftooth upfront
2. Run a standard rear derailleur with the wolftooth
2. Use chaingaurds (I have the ability to machine any size)

Basically, I'm asking if any system would be monumentally better than the rest. I understand using the new CX1 derailleur will be more secure, but would that net any advantage on the road?

I'd love any opinions!

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by HillRPete

Guess a modern 1x chainring goes a long way, never used any, though, no problems on my 1x10 winter bike with a regular singlespeed ring from Praxis.

Also, Shimano road RDs have a possibility to set the spring tension to one of three positions, if you take off the cage and look inside. (Maybe MTB ones too, never disassembled one) Using the highest tension might also help.

Would totally run 1x myself, if it weren't for all those pesky mountains around :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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by Twinning

You can take it one step further and just race on a single speed. I have seen a few racers on single speeds out in SoCal. Not sure what cat you are though since I have only really seen it in cat 4 and 5

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by MajorMantra

1x setups make a lot of sense for CX where clogging with mud is a problem, but any weight savings would make zero difference for flat crits.

For general riding I'd still favour 2 rings anyway - don't you get headwinds?

Is CX1 the same price as Force in the US?

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by Marin

I'm running single Chainrings on 2 MTBs and have yet to drop a chain. One of the bikes is my park rig, and I do drops and jumps on it.

I use narrow-wide front chainrings (Wolftooth, Absolute Black, Raceface, there's a ton out there) and "Shadow Plus" rear derailleurs with damping. I think these should be road compatible. Some are even available with short cages (e.g. Zee).

I'd try a Narrow-wide ring 1st, and if you get chain drop, consider a damped derailleur. Sram also has them.

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by mattr

Marin wrote:I think these should be road compatible.
nope, different actuation ratio.

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by Marin

Really? I'm running an XT rear derailleur on my 9-speed road setup with Tiagra shifters. Did the ratio change with 10 speed?

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by MajorMantra

Yes, it did change. You can run a 9 speed Shimano mtb RD with a 10 speed STI, but not a 10 speed mtb RD. Hence why you still can't get a clutch on a Shimano road setup.

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by deltree

I can't seem to find any x1 chainrings in the required 53 tooth size. Do these aftermarket companies make them that big?

Option 4: Fibrelyte 53t. Custom made so you can get it in any size without shift pins or profiling. 11-21 Dura-ace cassette. Big respect to any running that at the local crit for sure.

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by deek

I think it might be hard to get a 53T chainring assuming you want X-Sync-like teeth. :P

by Weenie

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by commendatore

There is definitely no wolf tooth 53T ring. The wide/narrow design necessitates only an even number of teeth. That said, I don't think they make anything larger than a 46

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