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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by xnavalav8r

In all seriousness, does anyone know if Gumgardner is OK? I mean, for all we know, he could have died and his family is selling his bike. I never met him, but as a fellow weenie I hope he is alright.

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by fa63

The way the Ebay ad is written, it sounds like it was written by him and not a family member etc. He probably just moved on to other things.

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by mjduct

he said screw you bike weenies and started collecting Rolex watches!!!


Because he can!

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by sedluk

I am inclined to part out a bike that I am no longer using. I will generally use many of the parts on another bike. I find it interesting that many buyers demand such low prices on used bikes and used parts. Those same buyers would not value their own used parts at a low price. I don’t see much difference say between a lightly used Arundle Mandible water bottle cage and a new one.

As far as selling built up bikes, I find it interesting that I have had several bikes where people wanted to buy them when I was not actively selling them. I enjoy building my own bikes but that is not the case for most riders. I have had a few bikes where they were not getting much use and someone wanted the bike, in those cases I was able to sell the bikes for approximately my original cost or at least not too far off. I got my money back and the buyer got a bike for a lot less than they would have if they went to a retail shop and paid retail for most parts and paid to have the bike assembled.

In a lot of cases if you have a desirable custom bike, if you can find the right buyer they will be getting a good deal if they can buy it near your cost. There is just not a lot of wear on a used bike. It is not the wear that reduces the price over time, it is the newer models that lower the price of a used bike over time. Not too many of us are wearing out our bikes.

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by motch

Ahillock wrote:Because a used bike is rarely ever worth what a user thinks it is worth. Started at $20k. No takes. $15k. We will see. But I think it will end up going for $10-12k if he is lucky.

The reason being WW market is small. Someone wanting a bike like this will probably want to build it themselves with just the parts they like (mechanical group, saddle, wheels, frame, colors, crank...etc.). rather than buy a bike already done. This isn't some Rembrandt that will appreciate over time.

This. + trouble is with materials improving and getting lighter as time goes on possibly in 5 years time a sub 10 pound bike could be made for half the price.

Carbon frames getting lighter, and is it carbon nanotubes? a real possibility in a few years.

Lovely bike for sure though.

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by jmartpr

sedluk wrote: I find it interesting that many buyers demand such low prices on used bikes and used parts. Those same buyers would not value their own used parts at a low price. I don’t see much difference say between a lightly used Arundle Mandible water bottle cage and a new one.

Thank eBay and all those distributor/retailers that just want to sell online at wholesale prices direct to consumers! Good for the consumer but very bad for the industry. It just trickles down to used parts as people get use to bargains all the time and becomes the standard pricing.

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by CBJ

That is how markets works.

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by konky

Johnny Rad wrote:Boo hoo on feelings getting hurt.

I also think that Gum should see the funny side of dentist jokes or at least should not admit to being upset by them. But one thing is for sure, there is a lot of prejudicial sentiment on this forum. A lot of people on this forum think that anyone who 1 earns a decent living, and 2 are over 30, are somehow worthless.
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by eric

Everyone thinks that until they turn 30 and start making enough money to afford nice bikes.

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by Ahillock

Couldn't find any takers at $15k. Wonder if anyone would go in at $12k?

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by tinozee

eric wrote:Everyone thinks that until they turn 30 and start making enough money to afford nice bikes.

lol so true and it's child psych 101 - discredit others to make yourself look good. Personally I'd much rather see more parlees and fewer Escalades and I could give a shit less who owns them.

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by prendrefeu

Y'all should speak for yourself.

Over 30, but market conditions & debts (read: paying off student loans) + cost of living = not able to always afford the 'top end stuff' that the likes of sedluk and konky can pull out - and other folks too, but those were the two that came to mind since they've recently posted in this thread on the topic of others showing a bit of green envy.

But I don't hold that against them. They're just in a more fortunate position at this time.
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by kbbpll

Saw his bike on this forum, don't know him and don't wish to offend, but perhaps a bit of marketing savvy would be beneficial if you want $15k for a bike. Stuff like "You'll get both of those as well...if I can find the regular one." makes me think "and I'll ship it if I can find the UPS store". You can't sound flaky when expecting someone you never met to plop down $15k on a one-of-a-kind item. 97.5% positive feedback on 224 ratings doesn't exactly instill confidence either.

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by mythical

Out of curiosity, I read this thread and thought I'd have a look at ebay. Much to my surprise, the asking price is now $10000. What a steal for such a gem! The description could be better but let's hope someone here could pick this one up.

“I always find it amazing that a material can actually sell a product when it’s really the engineering that creates and dictates how well that material will behave or perform.” — Chuck Teixeira
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by KWalker

Most people that purchase high end bikes do not care about weight.

Most people that purchase high end bikes would rather be the first owner and have an original warranty.

Most people that purchase high end bikes simply do not need what this bike offers. Why buy a highly tuned version of an old groupset that is fairly obsolete for the price being charged?

Berk Combo? Not worth much unless you have the exact same saddle position, which you probably don't.

Bars and stem are same story. Many people replace all of these items once buying a bike.

Having known people that have tried to sell custom bikes they often have the lowest rate of return. No one is going to pay a premium to buy something customized for another person except in very rare cases.
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