What the lightest and cheapest AL seatpost?

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by g32ecs

Am I asking for too much?

200g>, $50>

I think the Deda Zero 1 stem is a steal @ $30> each . They're 130g (even less on my scale). Just looking to see if there's a seatpost counterpart at the $50> pricepoint.

The carbon seatposts from China look fine but I cannot deal with the long wait.

Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

kcnc. they flex like crap though, and I don't trust them not to turn into an arse-skewer.

by Weenie

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by Barrie

6k Cycles on ebay
$99 for a 27.2 x 240 103g from the USA

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6KCycles-Ultr ... 460f72569a


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by Devon

I have the Planet X Superlight Team 3D Forged on my winter/trainer, comes in just a tad over 200g in my size IIRC and it's pretty damn stiff and dirt cheap.

EDIT: http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/SPP ... oyseatpost
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by LouisN

Ritchey WCS V2 aluminium. Available under $50.
The 27.2 X 280 mm should be just around 200g.
Bomb proof.

Louis :)

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by dgran

I would just try to find a used Thomson. Hard to go wrong with them.

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by wrcompositi

I use Token TK9191 alu seatpost. Zero setback, 146g for 27.2x350mm, reduced to 129g when I cut off 90mm. Price is about USD$70 locally.

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by odin99

Woodman Post SL Plus seatpost - claimed weight on ebay for 27.2 x 400 is only 188g. not bad. lighter if you cut. $42 + $7 ship < $50.

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by ednino

Tokyo Drifter wrote:kcnc. they flex like crap though, and I don't trust them not to turn into an arse-skewer.

I've got KCNC scandium bars/stem/seatpost on road & XC bikes

The bars have some flex but I've never had any trouble.

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by MarkMcM

The U.S.E. Alien Aluminum seat post isn't super cheap (around $90), but it is quite light, at around 170 grams for the 270mm length road model.

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by 53x12

Tokyo Drifter wrote:kcnc. they flex like crap though, and I don't trust them not to turn into an arse-skewer.

Have had my KCNC for over 3 years now. No issues, problems or concerns. No flex either. How much do you weigh there?
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by bura

Still we do not know what size (dia ,length,design-setback or no) this " lightest and cheapest" post needs to be.
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by addictR1

i checked around.. is KCNC the lightest alloy seatpost that won't break the bank?

look for a 270mm version under 127g with good range of adjustments and can use on carbon rail if needed.

i tried the one from 6Kcycle on ebay.. but noticed it's not 31.6mm all the way through from top to bottom. so in some sections where i needed it clamped it.. it won't.

but that one was 127g though.

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by mattyNor

Thomson elite or masterpiece

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by tibikeboy

I second mattyNor's answer. Thomson Masterpiece seatpost is strong and light and you can use carbon rail saddles without having to buy a separate clamp. You can lighten up by buying some titanium bolts. You can purchase the titanium bolts from Toronto cycles.

by Weenie

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