Neilpryde Nazare and Cervelo S3

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by mcdan0326

Looking to finally upgrade to a new bike. I have been to my 4 local shops and the 2 I have decided on are the Nazare and the S3 they both fit good and both rode well but I was wondering some thoughts on both of them. I have seen a lot of reviews on the older S3 and some on the newer one but not many on the Nazare (although I found some on the Alize) any thoughts or experience on these bikes would be greatly appreciated.

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by audiojan

I've ridden both the Alize (which is the same as Nazare) and the S3 and my current bike is a Neil Pryde Bura SL (more of less replaced my Parlee Z5, although I still have that one, but rarely use it).

To me, there's no contest, Neil Pryde Alize rides much better than the S3. It just handles really, really well, plus it's comfortable for an all-day ride/race.

I know Tour Magazine tested some aero road bike a while back and the Alize scored quite well.
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by Weenie

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by JensW

I have a Alize (same as nazare) and it's one of the best bikes have riden. Fast, stiff but still with comfort and realy good handling. Good to know is that they will show nazare 2 on friday 26/7. With even more aero and shimano aero brakes

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