Dura ace. 9000 cables with super record group.

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by Bantamben

I have super record 2010 its a great groupset. But I notice on downshifts it lags sometimes in the 16-11 gears. I was thinking that maybe trying the new dura ace 9000 shifter cables and housing might help as I heard they are really low friction. I figure all I gotta do is file down the head of the cable so it fits in shifter as I know campy ends are a little smaller.
Any thoughts, anyone already tried it

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by budgetweenie

By downshift do you mean going toward the wheel, a larger cog? Dropping to a smaller cog is upshifting, as in a higher gear.

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by Bantamben

Yeah I meant shift from a bigger cog like a 16 down towards the 12 so I usually while shifting towards the smaller cogs I get some delay I haven't been able to totally eliminate it.

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by sugarkane

I'm using AiCAN cables from Fairwheel with my 2012 SR and they are a big improvement over the campag cables. The ultra low friction shifter cables really make a difference and halved the weight of the whole cable system

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