Pedal torque for Stronglight Pulsion?

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by wrcompositi

I recently bought a Pulsion crankset, and there was no instruction in the box. I'm curious about the printed torque value besides the pedal insert: 10 N-m, isn' it too low? Most brands recommend 30~35 N-m for pedals. Has anybody really complied with this torque value on his Pulsion without having pedals loosening?

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by sedluk

I think 10nm is fine, the pedals are threaded so that they self tighten. I see too many people tighten them down like they will never take them off and then when it comes time they are fighting with them to get them off.

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Hello especially with stronglight pulsion just thighten them a little not much if you ad small washers like shiming one that will prevent you from over tightening them and screwing the insert , that s really fragile cranksets , and don t forget to retighten the screws of the plates every 2 or 3 rides check them otherwise that will lead to have the armes failing.

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by wrcompositi

Thanks for the advices, Emmanuel. I always treat pedals as "install and forget" parts, just tighten them to the specified torque and never bother to check them periodically. The pedal inserts of Pulsion seem to be cone-shaped bits that are pulled tight by pedal axles. Is there any report of over-tightening pedals on these cranks leading to crank failures?
As for the M15 crank bolts, I intend to use titanium bolts from J&L. For fear of damaging these delicate bolts, I will start with a lower torque like 40 N-m, is that sufficient for these cranks?

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by Valbrona

My Stronglight Fission Triple cranks are carbon and come with Stronglight Adjustable Length System. Do not exceed the 10Nm torque setting. Overtightening may damage the arms, or in my case I had one of the inox washers crack.

As for the crank bolts of your Pulsion, I would be inclined to go with steel.

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