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Tug Boat
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by Tug Boat

I've scoured the web and can't really find anything about these wheels. Anyone got any experience with them. Very similar to the old aluminum brake track 404's, it seems. I can get a new pair for a decent price, but I'd like a bit of knowledge about what I'm buying.

FYI - I'm 185 (or more) lbs, 6 foot 2, and I ride in flat country. Occasionally I'll do races with shorter hills, but rarely have to get in the small chain ring. I primarily race crits and I'm a prime chaser.

Also open to other suggestions on wheels. I'd go full carbon, but I don't want to have to switch brake pads to run my Open Pro training wheels.



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by pritchet74

Great wheels. You would love 'em.
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by natiedean24

I'm giving this a bump as I would love to hear anyone's updated opinions of the Hed Jet line, especially the Express wheels.

It's interesting to compare the Jet 5 express to the 6. The '5' saves some bucks for sure; they are so very similar in depth (60mm for the '6' vs 54mm for the '5') and even weight (CLAIMED 1,660 for the '6' vs 1,681g for the '5').

The drag graph shows them very close with the '6' being more aero, but I can't really interpret if this any of these differences (21 grams and the reduced drag) would be perceptible?


I love the look of the new Express 7 and wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who has ridden them as well; my gut tells me they are too deep for my use and I'm very concerned that the claimed weight is correct (1,985 grams for the set!).

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by jmilliron

Love my older Jet 4 wheels.

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by shinobiph

I have the jet 5 and like them very much. They arey everyday wheel. I am also 80+ kilos and have no issues.

They are heavy but that is offset by the fact they hold speed so well. They sound really cool at speed also.

Great wheels for flat courses.

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by jasoncd

I've enjoyed the 2012 Jet 6 I picked up. They came in very close to the claimed weight 1,669 actual versus 1,660 claimed. The decals are pretty heavy, after removing them the wheels weighed in at 1,627g.

The carbon fairing is much flexier than I would have thought, going by an old pair of SRAM S40 I had years back. The 2012 is the newer unidirectional carbon fairing, which is supposed to be lighter than the older models. No difference for the 2013 model except for Shimano 11 speed compatibility.

I'm 140 lbs, and have no issue with the Jet 6. They really don't feel any different in terms of crosswind from my 24/28 Velocity A23 build. I also like how the hubs spin and feel. I'm riding Campy and Alchemy hubs on two sets of everyday wheels, and I really prefer those hubs to some of the others I've tried. But no issue with the HED hubs, they feel just fine.

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by HillRPete

To each their own, certainly, but not wanting to switch pads is a questionable input variable for wheel selection. You might well find yourself riding the new wheels always, if you like them, and regret the compromise that is the aluminium/carbon construction in terms of weight. In particular as you say you primarily ride in flat terrain, the heat issues that some carbon clinchers seem to have would not be relevant to you.

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by jmilliron

FWIW; I use my Jet 4s as my every day wheels and for flatter races. Have a set of 1300g carbon tubulars for races with long climbs.
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