carbon experts. advice required !!

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by caballero

I had a little incident on the bmc which involved some damage to the fork leg and down tube. The dt has a 1-2mm deep gouge where the frame hit a steel bike in a crash.
What do u guys think ? Use the bmc crash replacement program ?
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by russianbear

Take it to the shop you bought if from and ask them?

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by Juanmoretime

Also consider carbon repair. It will hit the wallet easier that crash replacement.


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by TrekUk

I would never recommend carbon repair to anyone. Personal opinion though.
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by weeracerweenie

I repaired a seat stay and ride it all the time. Bit ugly since I haven't repainted but I have no objections to it. It performs fine with no signs of breaking yet. Go for a repair and repaint. Will look and perform perfectly fine!
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by CharlesM

I've seen the process at places like Predator cycling and Joe Bell... Once you see the repairs done, you'll know what you're talking about and you'll have no issues.

The repair sections are for most practical purposes stronger than the rest of the frame. They (predator) have a team riding nothing but repaired bikes and there are zero issues despite solid abuse by the riders.

All that said, this picture has crap detail and the mark is small enough that you may simply be talking about cosmetics...

Have a bike shop evaluate it first hand and make your decision after that...

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