Ultegra Ui2 E tubes

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by pjs

I have an issue with my right arm which prevents me from using it to shift. I am equipping my Ui2 Cento 1 with the climbers switch(satellite) SW-R600.I want to install the switch/shifter on the left side but the wire with the switch is too short. Does anyone know if the Shimano etube wires are able to just extend the cable. The shortest I have found online is the 300mm and I have been unable to find the answer in my searches.


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by thisisatest

You may use an internal (or external) junction intended for the bb area to plug in an extension.
Alternatively, you can change your Ultegra front junction to a new 3- or 5-port front junction, and simply plug the climbing switch into that.

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by Chello

The etube wires are only available with 2 male ends. I don't believe they will work in extending your satellite shifter cable as the ends are designed to go from shifter to junction box which both use the same male connection.

Could you unplug your left shifter entirely and simply plug the satellite shifter into the open junction box location then reprogram it to function as your new front shifter? I haven't used the reprogramming kit myself so I'm unaware of its full capabilities.

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by Anders

I would cut off the connector on the cable for the climbing switch and solder a longer on to it.

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by pjs

I think you are correct Chello .I looked around and that seems to be the best option. If I splice and solder I would void any warranty on the switch and this way interchangeability is much easier.

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