Should I just force these two part together?

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by Y26


Hi all,

Noob questions here for the smp saddle and p6 syntace Hiflex carbon seatpost.

From the pic attached, the left side of the saddle tube does not seat in the groove of the seat post perfectly. The saddle tube is some sort of steel material and so is the seat post retainer unit.

I am wondering if I can just tighten the bolt of the seatpost and everything would be fine.

Thanks for the help again.

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by boolinwall

My SMP doesn't fit like a glove in every seatpost either. Put some side pressure on it and it should pop into place.

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by Y26

Sweet, I will just apply some force to spread the two tube rail apart while tighten the seat post bolts.

Thank you again and love this place to share idea and find solutions relating to bike.

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by SWijland

The rails should be pretty flexible, so just apply a bit of pressure and you should be fine.

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