Pinarello Bolide

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by itsacarr

I think it's a great looking time trial bike but I like any bike that goes through the effort to make on good engineering.

Anyone have any idea how that bike is UCI legal? I guess maybe I just don't understand the rules or how companies are getting around them (which im fine with). But I am curious about the brake covers.

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by metanoize

Awesome bike! I hope the fork aesthetics/tech trickles down to their road models. It's the only thing holding me from getting a dogma. Really dislike the wavy fork.

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by CarlosFerreiro

CarlosFerreiro wrote:UCI specifically allow brake fairings

The addition of a cover to a braking system, as shown in the image below, is authorised. The unit is considered to be integrated with the frame or fork.
The combination of the frame tube (or fork tube) + brake + cover must respect the 1:3 rule, as well as the minimum and maximum dimension rules and must be contained completely within the corresponding 8 cm box." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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by Liggero

Is movistar gonna use this machine tomorrow too?
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by euan

I'd be surprised if anyone other than Wiggins is on it
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by brycerider

euan wrote:I'd be surprised if anyone other than Wiggins is on it

I would be surprised if anyone other than batman is on it

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by jooo



When I first saw pics of the Pinarello I thought there was a slight bit of similarity to the Shiv. I thought the seat clamp looked kinda similar from the side but I guess it's mostly just the curve behind behind the HT and horizontal TT :noidea:

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by AGW

^Euan had a point:

euan wrote:All TT bikes are pretty much converging on the same shape.

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by russianbear

And Wiggo didn't even use it.

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