Found Custom Insoles shop in near Wayne NJ

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by digitalnorbs

Before I post any info about the shop, I wanted to make sure it's OK to do. I jut meat the guy for he first time and we took my feet impressions. He has been fitting skiers and cyclist for a long time and it might be a gold mine or others that need a custom set of foot beds. I don't have any affiliation with the shop. If you look at my old post you will see that I have been trailing with my bike fit. He place was recommended by a fitter, and I figure that one of my cycling friends here might be interested in his services. I have yet to get a bill buy I think it's around 160.00.

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by audiophilitis

Is there a good bike fitter in the northern/central NJ area that you can recommend (not just one with a Retul setup -- looking for one with good experience)? Thx.

by Weenie

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