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by Dammit

The first thing I thought of when I saw a set of EE brakes was Tatlins Tower:


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by russianbear

EE brakes are tremendously ugly. Can't get over this.

by Weenie

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by Dammit

Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I really like them- a lot of people have told me that they look very different (better different) when seen in reality rather than a photo.

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by dadoflam08

mythical wrote:Ironically, Craig, owner of EE Cycle Works and developer of the EE brake, is also an architect by profession. :wink:

irony? - based on the EEbrake I am thinking there may be a reason he is now designing brakes instead of buildings :lol:
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by mythical

C'mon mate, that's just a plain insult. Kinda curious what you have designed.

While EE's may not be photogenic, I prefer them over any other brake to control the stopping of the bike I'm riding. Here's an interview Fairwheel did with Craig from EE.
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by Rick

ichobi wrote:Would you guys rate P-x brakes as good as DA or SR brakes in terms of stopping power and modulation?

I haven't used latest DA brakes, but have older generations. I've also used Ultegra and Cane Creek.
The PX do everything I want, and I do a lot of mountain descents.
They are a bit more inconvenient to get the wheel out and adjust, as noted earlier.
To me the weight and cost savings make it a good trade-off. They stop the bike just about like every other brake, which always seems to depend more on the pads and rim surfaces to me. I never notice "flexing" or anything like that.

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by carbonLORD

Ive been using Ciamillo products for a decade and have Gravitas SL's on all of my bikes, including my wife's bike with Smart System wheels. I cannot say I would trust the carbon clincher/ lightweight brake set-up if I lived in the mountains and rode in the rain but they work fine for me and I'm 200+ lbs, ride in groups and race on mine, where it is flat (Just being honest). Set-up has never been an issue for me and I find no compelling need for more stopping power. Clearly I have liked, used and supported the product long enough to distribute but this is in no way a sales thread, just a fact that if I didnt like the products, I wouldn't use them, put my wife on them and race them if I thought they weren't up to the task. Plus, they look great!

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by roadytracky

Dadoflam08 - Which model of KCNC brakes are you talking about?

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by civdic

Not sure if anyone mentioned this but the EE brake pads are easy to switch out. I ride carbon and aluminum brake tracks. Only takes seconds to change.

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by Mertdemirel

For me KCNC CB1 are the best value for my money.
Weighs 164 grams and cost me $150 Brand new. No problems so far.

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by eric

They did not work well for me. There is a lot of friction in the linkage mechanism, they use a strong return spring and the arms are very flexy. So you need a lot more force at the lever to get the same braking as with good dual pivot brakes. When doing repeats of a 20 mile long climb on a very twisty road I was getting nerve pain from my hand up my arm. I need to be able to type in order to make a living so I got rid of the CB1s and went back to 7800s.

The EE brakes work even better than the 7800s did, although I had to get a set of the older lighter return springs to make the brakes perfect for me. The brakes have no problem returning with Sram 2012 levers.

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by pawnii

I hope the next generation EE brakes are made from carbon.
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by fifarafa

Could someone compare Ciamillo GSL and Far and Near?
- stopping power,
- modulation,
- compatibility with wider rims

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by thprice

fifarafa wrote:Could someone compare Ciamillo GSL and Far and Near? ...

Here is a start:

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by HillRPete

dadoflam08 wrote:KCNC are great value for money but a little lacking in power and modulation - probably locked them up more than any other brake.

Interesting. My experience with the C7 is that they are a great weight and general value for the price, and I would recommend them for everything but alpine descents, because they don't quite have the power of the heavier stock-brand calipers. Never had any issues with modulation.

by Weenie

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