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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by rockdude

I have had several light weight brakes but some just don't work well, others are hard to setup and some have no modulation. I have found some I really like but always looking to try something new. What lightweight brake is your Nirvana?

Some of the top contender would be?

M5 Brams
EE Cycloworks
THM's Fibula
Far and Near
Ciamillo Zero
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by btompkins0112

You can add Planet X CNC calipers. $125 and work very well.

by Weenie

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by Cyklus

I`m very happy for my kcnc c7 -168 gr pair ;-)

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by G6612

I have TRP 970SL's really like them.

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by RudyMontana

I have Camillo Gravitas and would not recommend them to an enemy. Very disappointed at there stopping.

Yes, they are set up correct!

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by FIJIGabe

I've got a set of Bontrager Speed Limit XXX. I haven't noticed any appreciable difference in braking compared to the Ultegra 6700 calipers I had before, and they're 223g for the set (measured). They're out of production, but show up fairly frequently on ebay for less than $200.
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by eric

You should read the Fairwheel brake test.

I tried KCNC CB1s and they were poor. A lot of friction and heavy return springs meant they took more effort just to move the arms. The arms flex and bend a lot so you need more force. As a result you need a lot more force at the lever. I do a lot of climbing which means a lot of descending on technical roads, which means a lot of braking. On long climbing rides with the CB1s my hands would hurt. I started getting nerve problems in my left hand and I can't afford that. So I went back to 7800 brakes, tuned with Ti parts.

Last year I got some EE brakes. They work better than the 7800s, and after I got a set of the older lighter weight return springs, the action is much lighter as well. I'm using them with Sram levers. Some people may find the action too light but for me and my use they are very good. For crits or normal racing I'd want the heavier springs to moderate the braking a bit as it's easy to lock up the rear in a panic stop.

The only drawbacks are the price and the inability to operate the adjustment while riding or use the QR to open the brake while riding.

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by dvincere

btompkins0112 wrote:You can add Planet X CNC calipers. $125 and work very well.

These are the best value WW brakes out there. And I constantly get compliments about their appearance.

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by handler

I have used the camillo brakes for 6 months. I totally regret that I bought them. And I almost got them for free.

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by deermatt

I was also going to say get the planet x brakes. Im building up a new bike now, and had my heart set on the black planet x bakes, but they're out of black until next week or so, so I got a pair of zero gravity in black. They will be getting sold once the planet x are in stock.

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by Dammit

EE all the way

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by deermatt

Dammit wrote:EE all the way

no one needs $600 dollar brakes..

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by rmerka

deermatt wrote:
Dammit wrote:EE all the way

no one needs $600 dollar brakes..

Need being the operative word I fully agree. They sure are sweet brakes though!

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by juanacity

Another vote for Planet X. A little fiddly to set up, but manageable and work really well once you get them adjusted. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has experience with them on any of the new wider wheels.

by Weenie

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