Chainstay damaged near dropouts

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by ketsana

Bike is less than 1 years old.

So I was cleaning my bike after a really long ride last night and noticed that my chainstay looks gouged.
I emailed my LBS and they are forwarding it to Scott.

1) What the heck could of caused this? I don't think a cassette can cause that much damage.

2) Is it rideable while I wait to hear back from my LBS and Scott?

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by ketsana

I googled damaged chainstays all day and never saw any pics like this.
Just sharing my pain with everyone is all.
Feel like shite right now.

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by 743power

Hard to say what could have caused that. Looks like the chain picked up some road debris and pushed it into the frame as it went by. Your LBS would have to comment on rideability. On my iphone it doesnt look very deep. In the meantime, your chain is on inside out. Turn it around and behold the improvement in shifting.
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by ketsana

Haha thanks for noticing. I never new dura ace chains were unidirectional. Luckily I never rode it like this, and I do remember the logos facing outwards originally.
I just reinstalled the dura ace chain last night because of some hesitation I noticed with a gold KCNC chain I've been using.

I'm scared of making the damage worse or unfixeable by riding it.

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by GT56

when removing the wheel, chain on the smallest cog, the chain sticks to the cassette, if you then push the wheel forward for it to clear the derailleur the chain gets caught by the small bulge on the inside of the chainstay

for this not to happen (again) you best put the chain on the small chainring (and the smallest cog) so that the chain stays clear from the chainstay
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by mattr

The wife's tarmac SL has the same damage, it has done for ~7 years. Caused by what GT56 says, the sprocket, with chain, catching the bulge and knocking the lacquer off/scraping the CF.

Just give it a coat of nail varnish (clear of course!) if you are worried about it.
Its not caused the wife any issues so far!

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by ketsana

Thanks guys. You have to admit that the cassette sliced a pretty deep hole into the cf. I'm still gonna ride it while I wait for the outcome with Scott.
One local guy says it could be as little as 150 whereas one shop 5 hours away says 300 including an electrical ndt test?

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